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Posted July 29, 2020 by Fort Magic

This summer has certainly been a strange one. Places are closed, events are canceled, and many vacations have been postponed. However, in place of these things, a lot of people are turning to their homes and specifically their gardens to find relaxation and enjoyment

Gardening is not just for the adults, it’s an excellent way of getting the kids out of the house and participating in an educational activity without even realizing it. And with Fort Magic’s building kit, you can have your kids create their own Garden Fort that will have them creating memories that will last a lifetime!

STEAM learning

Creating the Garden Fort

When it comes to gardening, there are many lessons to be learned. Involve your kids in discovering different types of plants and flowers, and even the various fruits and vegetables.

Having them care for plants and allowing them to see the “fruits” of their labor will not only by rewarding, but it will also teach them valuable life lessons that will stay with them well into adulthood. How can you create a Garden Fort and get your kids excited about this experience?Creating Art in your Backyard Fort Image1

1. Come Up With a Design

First, challenge your children to design and draw the perfect Garden Fort. There are many factors to consider during this step: Will the plants be housed inside or outside of the structure? Will it be used to house tools and equipment? If so, how large should it be? Should there be a roof for shade, or should it be open to allow adequate sunlight to the plants?

Discussing the design and dimensions will allow your children to brush up on their math while using several valuable STEM skills. This step also allows for a plan and expectations to be set on how the fort will be used.

2. Choose a Location for Your Garden Fort

The next step would be to choose the perfect spot for your structure. Have your kids discuss where to put it and encourage them to consider the space to fit their design as well as sunlight to fit the needs of the plants they would like. Another consideration will be access to water. Will this spot have easy access to a hose, or will water need to be carried in?
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3. Start the Building Process

Now comes the fun part! Have your children carry out their design and start building their Garden Fort. Making adjustments to the design may be necessary, but that is all a part of the learning process. When it comes to maker play, if one design fails, allow them to assess the situation and try again.

For an artistic element, gather old towels, sheets, or even clothing to be hung using the fabric clips. Again, your kids will love the ability to be creative and choose which colors to hang and where. Encourage them to come up with a unique or meaningful design.

Follow the same procedure if a roof is desired. A roof will provide shade and a cool spot to hang out while working in the garden, or as a shelter for plants that cannot receive too much sunlight.
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4. Create the Perfect Space Inside Your Garden Fort

With the outside complete, now is the time to organize the inside. Have your kids decide where they will keep their tools and other equipment, or how they will layout the garden. This provides another prime opportunity for critical thinking as they plan, strategize, and even problem-solve the best way to layout their new fort.
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5. Start Your Garden

Now that the structure is complete, it’s time to garden! Again, your children will benefit from making more decisions and possibly even taking a few risks. Some items to consider are: What types of plants should be planted? Will they go into the ground or in pots? Will they be bought or started from seeds?

Next comes the willingness to understand the needs of the plants (how much water, sunlight, etc. are required), as well as a commitment to check on them daily. Everyone must be willing to pitch in and pull weeks and water them, as needed. However, with an amazing fort to go with it, that shouldn’t be a problem!

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The Benefits are Endless

When it comes to creating a Garden Fort, and a garden to go with it, the lessons are valuable and life-long. Not only will your children walk away with potentially a new hobby, but they will have learned the responsibility of caring for a living thing.

Furthermore, the act of building a fort will provide insight into planning, design, engineering, as well as simple lessons of trial-and-error, problem-solving, and assessing a situation to find a new solution, all wrapped up in one exciting activity.

Creating Art in your Backyard Fort 6

Just watching something grown and develop that your kids have cultivated will be both satisfying and meaningful to them. They’ll understand that though some things require patience and dedication, and maybe a time-commitment, in the end, the reward is well worth it!

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