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Girls and forts naturally go together like kids and candy, nuts and bolts, and summer and popsicles. Imaginative play comes easily to young female minds as they create and live out stories while dreaming of a life beyond their own current state of being. There is more. Fort Magic adventure offers your daughter more than frivolous play or a way to whittle long hours away. Your daughter develops beneficial skills and valuable learning processes during fort building and play. From the start of construction to the finished structure, STEM skills and creativity are at work.

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Fort themes run the breadth and depth of your daughter’s personality and interests. No matter the theme, confidence is building. Through this play, your little girl learns what she is capable of and explores life’s options in a safe environment. While your daughter may share plenty of ideas of her own, below is a list of ideas to get the creative juices flowing and to help you think outside the traditional box. Of course, take them only as suggestions. After all, the point is simply to build and imagine.

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Creative Forts for Girls

Building a unique fort is just the beginning of the creative process. What will the girls do in the fort? This is where creativity continues and thrives!

Create My Own Business represents a fort which shows the profits of your girl’s interests and focuses her bossing skills. Think about a grocery or pet store, a fast food franchise, a graphic design or marketing office.

Slumber Party forts host friends and giggles with plenty of pillow fights, wacky games, and tasty snacks. Just do not plan on any actual slumbering.

Schoolhouses hone your daughter’s teaching skills through play. This fort also makes a great place for doing homework or helping a sibling with math homework.

Daycare options turn your nurturer into an entrepreneur as she snuggles and cares for baby dolls. A younger sibling, cousin or friend bring real-world, supervised practice as well.

Veterinary Office forts contain stuffed animals or family pets to encourage nurturing of the furry kind. A doctor’s kit and recovery beds provide all she needs to do her job.

Construction themes pair girls and tools to build the world into a better place. Look for simple carpentry kits to give your daughter practice in these skills.

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Science or Laboratory forts are perfect for conducting experiments or finding a cure for disease. Microscopes or petri dishes grow your girl’s attention to detail.

NYC Fashion forts inspire a girl’s inner fashionista and create a style all her own. Mixing and matching her wardrobe (and yours) pulls together a stellar runway show.

Boutiques allow your girl to set up shop to peddle wares from jewelry to fashion and trinkets to home furnishings. The exchange of play money teaches the value of a dollar.

Reading Corners let your daughter escape the noise and travel on many adventures. Let her choose books at her reading level and interest to stock this library.

Clubhouses offer the time-honored tradition of space for friends and camaraderie. Do not forget the “No Boys Allowed” sign.

Photography Studios work great in a fort with a good old-fashioned camera to snap shots of family, friends and pets. Be sure to add plenty of props.

Art Loft forts become places of inspiration for watercolorists, play dough sculptors and artists of all kinds. Make space on that refrigerator gallery.

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Art Gallery forts provide a collective place to display masterpieces and invite friends and family for a showing. Dress up and serve fancy snacks for added class.

Theatre designs allow for creative expression in your young drama queen. Whether a re-enactment of Frozen or a self-written piece, the crowd will applaud.

Concert Hall or Amphitheater forts fill with instrumental and vocal music as kids compose their own tunes or karaoke someone else’s work. Gather unusual instruments to encourage a new sound.

Movie Theatre forts offer an authentic experience when you include tickets and popcorn. Mother-daughter events are sure to please your young moviegoer.

Equestrian Centers give flight to the dreams of horse lovers. A wooden horse or a set of plastic horses work when the real thing fails to fit through the front door.

Sports Complex forts get active girls moving with their favorite sport or an Olympic offering.

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Ski Chalets come complete with a faux tissue paper fireplace and hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course).

Ice Houses are forts of true imagination and quite magical (unless you live in Antarctica).

Greenhouse themes let young green thumbs practice their skills in nurturing plant life or creating paper flowers.

Stained Glass House colors delight especially on a sunny day. The overlay of blue and red (or others) teaches color mixing.

Castle building, of course, must make the list of girl forts (though the more adventurous may trade a princess dress for knight armor).

Birthday forts make the celebrated girl a princess for a day.

Boosting confidence, problem-solving skills, creativity and dreaming in girls leads to positive future outcomes. Take advantage of this fun opportunity to prepare your young daughter for the world open ahead of her. All of this happens with an afternoon of fort building!

How do you inspire creativity in your favorite girls and what role does fort building play? Share your creative ideas with us below!


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