Creative Kids Fort Idea ... A Fort Magic Fire Station!

Posted March 12, 2013 by Fort Magic

Another Fun Fort Idea From Jennifer & Family …
Build A Fort Magic Fire Station!

Jennifer’s children just love fire stations! Look at all of the fun they had building and playing dress up as firefighters in their new Fort Magic Fire Station fort!  They even included their little stuffed friends in their play!  We love it!  Thank you Jennifer and kids for sharing!
So creative!


March Fort Magic Fire Station Fort From Jennifer & Family!


“Our kids are big firefighter fans! It only made sense that we built a fire station next. The kids wanted to build a station complete with a loft for their animals and a connecting fire pole for their animals to slide down. The kids even pretended to slide down
themselves too (lots of giggles)!

The kids also wanted a few hooks to hang up their fire gear and a place to sit and store their fire boots. Next, my son thought we needed an alarm, so he installed a place for a flashing red light near the fire pole and loft.
We used 1 Fort Magic kit and a few extra 6-way connectors…which were VERY helpful in completing our fort. We used bed sheets this time to cover the fort and used paper on our fort as well. Paper is so easy to use and the possibilities with it are endless.  My son wanted to use a school art project to clip onto a flag pole he also installed. Our kids’ imagination went wild with the extra pieces we had left after we built the station. They used pieces for the flag pole, a sign with their station number “17” on it, and even a steering wheel for their fire truck (their wagon).
They really love their new fort and have played with it EVERY day so far for a week (and counting).
This system is so great for problem solving and using their creativity!
Thanks again Fort Magic! ”
Mom, Jennifer 
Thank you so much Jennifer and kids for sharing your awesome Fort Magic Fire Station fort design!  What a clever idea!  How cute that you created a loft and fire pole for your stuffed friends!  You even made a little hole for your stuffed firefighter friends to crawl through!  The little shelf you built for your flashing red light is really smart too! And, of course your firetruck needs a steering wheel and sign!  Great job kids!  This is a fantastically creative idea we just love!
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