Creative Problem Solving Ideas For Kids

Posted February 14, 2020 by Fort Magic

Creative problem solving is an idea that was started in the 1950s and continues to rise as one of the most important skills to have for a successful future. The team here at Fort Magic has put together some ideas so you can teach your kids creative problem-solving skills. You can easily set your kids up for a successful future with just one fort building kit!

creative problem solving

What Is Creative Problem Solving?

Creative problem solving is a method for solving problems that uses imagination and innovation. This process fosters the creative part of problem-solving and provides a way for one to come up with new ideas in a different way. It also makes the process fun and encourages collaboration with others. 

In creative problem solving you first come up with lots of ideas in a process known as brainstorming. At this point, every idea is considered and nothing is thrown out. Next, ideas are individually evaluated and discussed and then making decisions to move forward based on what ideas you think might work.

creative problem solving

1. Why Is It Important?

Creative problem solving inspires innovation. It inspires creativity to come up with ideas and solve problems that conventional thinking has failed to address. Some of the biggest companies are born from these ideas. For example, two young men brainstormed ideas to solve a problem they faced with building out the personal computer they were working on. 

This simple software they created turned into one of the largest companies in the world (which we now know today as Microsoft. Creative problem-solving skills are what will set your child apart in the workforce. In fact, it’s become a vital skill in the workplace and will determine your child’s success. It’s important to prepare kids for their future and creative problem skills are just as important as academic success.

creative problem solving

creative problem solving

2. How You Can Use Fort Magic to Foster Creative Problem Solving

When you’re building a fort, you can use this process with your kids. In fact, your children probably already use this process without even knowing it. First, they come up with their desired result. Let’s say they want to set up a restaurant. Next, gather the kids together to brainstorm ideas for their restaurant. You can have a piece of paper that you write all the ideas down on.

After the brainstorming session is over, go through each idea and discuss whether or not it will help them move forward with their restaurant. For example, if an idea is to have an open patio seating so people can bring their pets, you might discuss the pros and cons of that such as what if people bring all their pets. The idea is to work through challenges until everyone has agreed on the ideas to move forward. 

creative problem solving

3. How to Teach These Skills

Fort building is probably one of the best ways for your kids to learn creative problem skills. The important part is that you have an environment that will allow them to reap the benefits of fort building. You can do this by stepping back from the process. Allow your kids to struggle and work through problems all on their own. 

Be positive about hindrances in their environment. Keep the atmosphere upbeat and encourage them as they struggle. Encourage them to keep moving forward when they want to give up. Eventually, they will succeed at what they’re doing and this success will boost their confidence to want to keep trying new problems. 

creative problem solving

4. Give them A Challenge

You can put everything into practice that we discussed above by giving them a fort building challenge. Sketch out an idea on paper and then have them take turns to see who can build it. They will want to give up if they get stuck or if someone else’s idea is better than theirs but this provides a good opportunity.

You can use this time to encourage them in what they’re doing and for them to see everything that they are doing right instead of focusing on the wrong. You can also encourage them to be creative and see what new ideas they can add to the fort you sketched out.

creative problem solving

5. Make It A Team Challenge

You can take the same idea above and have them work together in a team to complete the challenge. You can make the ideas for the fort challenge more elaborate. They will learn how to creatively work together and to collaborate together on ideas.

creative problem solving

6. Build A Puppet Theatre Fort

Another great idea for them to learn and practice these skills is by hosting impromptu skits in a puppet theatre. First, they will need to brainstorm ideas to see how they can build the puppet theatre using a fort building kit. Next, doing impromptu skits is a fun way to problem solve. 

It will take them some time to get going but once everyone starts laughing, they won’t want to stop. You can prepare some scenarios ahead of time for them to build off of. For example, the scenario can be a customer at a restaurant who found hair in their food.

creative problem solving

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