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Children’s Play Forts

Children’s playtime is often thought of as a “break” from learning, but for children playing fort, play is how they learn. When children’s play time includes constructing a fort, children frequently move between important learning skills such as exploring solutions, creative play, taking incremental actions, learning from trial and error, seeing the benefit of applying focus to an idea,and developing social skills as they learn to cooperate with others while they play. Giving a child a toy such as a play fort gives them the opportunity to feel alive and have a wonderful experience while learning how to successfully live in the world.


“Mistakes are not just golden opportunities for learning; they are, in an important sense, the only opportunity for learning something truly new.”

~ Daniel C. Dennett, Tufts University Professor


A wonderful benefit of building children’s play forts is the permission kids are afforded to be exploratory, unique and sometimes even “wrong”. These types of perspectives and challenges present wonderful learning opportunities for children.

When a child is building a custom play fort from their own invention they have a chance to decide for themselves what may work, what they like to build, or in what direction they would like to build next. They will think inventively about which type of stick they may like to add next, curved or straight? Long or short? Or what type of connector they would like to use.  This process of trial and error while building a play fort introduces early problem solving skills that will be valuable lessons learned and used throughout your child’s life.


Building Your Child’s Super-Brain

Did you know the neural connections in your child’s brain grow twice as fast in enriched environments with stimulating, secure, and complex play? Remember this when deciding to purchase a play fort for your children.


“The key to this amazing rate of brain development is the excited physical and voluntary participation of the child during the activity! When a child voluntarily engages in excited physical movement during learning their intelligence increases rapidly, expanding their learning opportunities effortlessly and enjoyably! Neural connections can only be grown when there is full attention from a child. When your child is focused on a task such as fort building, a child can accomplish in three weeks what may normally take ten weeks or more! Self-initiated movements, exploration, interaction and physical play for the love and challenge of it are exactly the pathways a child’s brain needs to build permanent, life-long learning (and the love of it!) Movement and play in learning are critical factors in building a child’s super-brain for life!”

~ Carla Hannaford, PhD (source credit)


At Fort Magic, we teach kids to play while also valuing planning, and confident choices while using their play fort.  Fort Magic, children’s play fort is about building a fort as big as your imagination. As a company, Fort Magic is dedicated to serving and nurturing the creative intelligence of growing children. We believe in every child’s greatness. And we know that confidence; curiosity and a love for exploration and learning established in childhood will help to build healthy brains for adulthood and beyond! Click here to visit our Fort Magic blog to find and share custom play forts.


Fort Building 101

A child who has played with blocks knows why they can be so fun! The world of Fort Magic opens the possibilities of making almost anything a child could imagine. Watch your child create a teepee tent, a boat, or even a space ship! Now, take this well-known, mass-marketed idea like building blocks and add to it the ability to become life-size, realistic and truly unending in its building potential by adding multiple sized straight and curved sticks and connectors … and you now have the building blocks of the future! Building blocks for all ages and genders of growing children! Children’s fort building gone space age! Building blocks gone deep-sea explorer! Building blocks gone ANY fantasy-world-come-to-life! It’s a playground we all know so well, yet never have we seen it though this potential before! Click here to view our Top 5 Fort Magic Children’s Play fort designs on our Facebook page.


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A children’s play fort is exercise for the brain. When you make the decision to purchase a Fort Magic play fort, you will be investing in some of the best workout equipment on the market to get young brains as fit as they can be. Fort Magic is tested to be one of the best toys you can purchase for your kids. Click here to purchase a Fort Magic creative play fort today!