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Posted October 28, 2017 by Fort Magic

Every parent’s dream is to be able to keep their kids entertained for hours, without resorting to expensive toys like video game consoles. Fort building is the perfect solution, with easy-to-use kits available from Fort Magic that form a variety of frames to feed any child’s hungry imagination.

Want to bring the excitement up a notch? There’s one very simple material that can be used to make a nearly infinite number of forts, without spending (very much more than) a dime: paper. From fun cutout ideas to uses for old newspapers or wrapping paper lying around, the possibilities are endless. So take a look at the following paper fort ideas, gather your kids and get crafting!

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1. Cutout fort

From snowflakes to flowers, cutouts are easy and fun for kids to make. After putting down a base paper cover over the frame of the fort, find some construction paper and scissors and show your kids a few templates that they can use to get started. Or, they can channel their creativity and create something entirely new and unheard of! Once they’ve cut out as many shapes as they want, have them tape or glue them onto the outside of the fort in a decorative pattern. Tip: before they start cutting things out, lay down a tarp so that you can easily collect the scraps after they’re done!

2. Newspaper fort

A great way to create an extra frame for a fort, or an additional compartment — such as an entranceway, special room or even a storage space — is to use newspaper, which is plentiful and often doesn’t cost you anything to acquire. Simply take one corner of a newspaper broadsheet, roll it up until it forms a solid tube, and tape the ends closed to keep the whole thing together. Then, use more tape to bind different tubes together and form the kind of frame you’re looking for.

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3. Bed fort

It’s easy to make a fort over your child’s bed with paper and other office supplies that you have lying around. Roll up large sheets of butcher paper (like you did in the newspaper fort example) to create tubes that you can then use to make a rectangular frame over the bed, then reinforce them with pieces of cardboard and lots of tape. Finally, cover the fort with a bedsheet and you have a simple, fun canopy for your kids to play under!

4. Painting fort

Do your kids want to paint the walls? Now they can, without damaging your house! Create a simple fort for them by covering a Fort Magic frame with white butcher paper, then set out cups of paint and brushes and let your kids go crazy. A few tips to keep in mind: You should do this outdoors, so that the paint fumes can escape and everyone can be safe when painting. Lay down a tarp or plastic tablecloth for easy cleanup after the painting is over, and have your kids wear a poncho or something else to protect their clothes. And make sure they understand to let the paint dry!

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5. Holiday wrapping paper fort

If you have some extra wrapping paper lying around the house after the holiday season ends, building a fort is the perfect chance to use it! Whether you have your kids cut out holiday-themed shapes and glue them around the fort or decide to wrap the entire frame in wrapping paper, you’re sure to have a festive time for days after the actual celebration is over.

6. Origami fort

Far from a dead art, origami paper crafting is alive and well, and kids have a ton of fun doing it. You can find easy tutorials on how to make different animals online, and buy origami paper (which comes in perfect squares) at any craft store. Then, attach your kids’ creations to the outside of the fort; you can also make the fort itself an origami crafting zone.

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7. Glow-in-the-dark star fort

Believe it or not, glow-in-the-dark paper exists, and there’s one use for it that’s completely perfect: cutting out paper stars and gluing them to the ceiling of your kids’ fort for an indoor, handmade stargazing adventure.

8. Paper lantern fort

You can make paper lanterns according to instructions found online, and then fill them with electric tea lights for a safe and softly glowing experience. String them up in a row leading to your kids’ fort to make a magical pathway.

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9. Paper chain fort

Paper chains are some of the simplest papercrafts you can make, and you can use them to decorate the frame of a fort or hang outside the covers. You can make them easily by looping small strips of construction paper together and securing the circles with tape.

10. Coffee filter flower fort

Fun fact: coffee filters make great paper flowers! Just fold one up into eighths, then cut around the curved edge to make it a semicircle. Unfold, affix to the fort and enjoy!

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Do you have any fun paper fort ideas to add? Share them with us below!

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