Discover Fun and Creative Play Ideas With Forts for Kids

Posted May 15, 2018 by Fort Magic

One of the best ways to encourage kids to learn is to make it fun and let their creativity shine. And fort building offers so many ways to teach kids about math, science, art, architecture, and more. Plus, you can incorporate history lessons, reading, and more into the mix while you build forts together. Discover some fun and creative play ideas with forts for kids!


Pirate Ship Fort – Ahoy Matie!

Imagine the days of pirates, damsels in distress and sailing the high seas – then bring it to life with a pirate’s ship fort! Tell the kids about real-life pirates and their escapades. Encourage them to build a ship like the bigs ones used by pirates. Bring out the Fort Magic kit and plenty of imagination with a bit of architectural finesse. And no ship is complete with pirate’s hats they make themselves! Plus, add a lesson about recycling newspaper to make the hat. They’re learning and having a fantastic time!

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Castle Fort for Royalty

Nothing makes a fairytale feel more real than building a castle fort. And there are countless designs to consider. Some forts have a turret and others are simply big houses. No matter what design your kids choose, they will feel like royalty inside their castle fort. Host an afternoon tea and invite their friends. Use a play tea set with iced tea and small sandwiches. And the kids can help make the sandwiches, such as egg salad and hummus, so they get experience in the kitchen, too!

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Storytime Fort Makes Reading Fun

Kids love a private nook away from the scrutinizing eyes of Mom and Dad. And what better place to be than an indoor reading fort? They will spend hours reading their favorite books in a fantasy land of their making. Add cushions, battery operated lights, and a cardboard bookshelf to make it feel like their own little library. Schedule read-aloud sessions and bedtime stories so everyone can read together.

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A Sleepover Fort for Sleepytime With Friends

With creating a world away in mind, a sleepover fort is ideal for sleepytime with friends. And the parents can have the sleepover activities contained to one convenient space! Put out pillows, sleeping bags, night lights, and snacks. Then let the kids rule their sleepover fort until the morning sun rises!

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A Simple Teepee Fort

One of the best aspects of building a teepee fort is its simplicity. With Fort Magic sticks and a sheet, the kids can have a place to hang out in less time than they imagined. And this gives you an opportunity to start a great craft project. Build a pretend campfire to put in the middle of the teepee for an authentic experience. Best of all, no little fingers will get hurt in the process!

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A Glorious Garden Fort

Want to teach the kids about the joy of growing a garden? All it takes is some seeds, dirt, and a few plastic cups. Kids love to get dirty and this is also a science project. First, build a greenhouse garden fort where the planting is done. Then let the kids get hands-on. Once the cups are filled with dirt and seeds, let them know the plants need sun and water to grow. Imagine their delight when the sprouts start to come up!

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How to pique your kids’ creativity with forts? There are countless ways to have an excellent time and get your kids to think for themselves with fort building. Share yorur ideas with us below!

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