Discover the Amazing Benefits of Creative Fort Building Ideas For Kids

Posted April 20, 2018 by Fort Magic

Kids are born creative, aren’t they? While the desire to learn and play is definitely part of being a child, the world has changed. Parents work long hours and often feel stressed. Kids have a demanding day at school then shuttle off to a variety of after-school activities. As everyone tiredly hits their pillows at night, they wonder where the day went. So it’s important to make time for creativity! And what better way than building a fort with the family. Discover the amazing benefits of creative fort building ideas for kids and a few suggestions that might go beyond your wildest imaginations!

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The Benefits of Creativity for Kids

While fun and fort building might sound like child’s play, there are many benefits of inspiring creativity in kids. According to the International Youth Foundation, creativity is a necessary life skill to navigate the changes in our modern world and the unknowns in the future. All types of businesses prefer to hire creative people. In fact, in the Future of Jobs report from the World Economic Forum, creativity is predicted to be the third most important skill for 2020! So, fort building is an excellent way to prepare your child for any career – as well as have a fantastic family time together!

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How Will Creative Fort Building Prepare Kids for the Future?

With the future in mind, there are several key ways creative fort building gives kids the skills they need for life. Children learn problem-solving when they try to figure out how to build the fort they imagine in their minds. Sometimes they have to start all over or find different ways to achieve their goals. And dealing with their obstacles teaches them about resiliency and determine. Working with friends and family helps kids learn about teamwork and develop empathy and understanding for others and their ideas. Now without further ado, let consider some awesome ideas to build inspiring and creative forts!

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A Fabulous Fairytale Fort

Reading fairytales has been a favorite bedtime activity for generations. Fort building is a way for kids to bring their favorite stories to life! Create a magical castle where Rapunzel can let down her hair for Prince Charming can rescue her. Make sure to have a wig, princess gown, crowns, and a stick horse to make the tale complete. As the kids wind down after a day of fort building fun, read the fairytale together so they have the sweetest dreams.

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Tackling a Backyard Obstacle Course

Now that the weather is getting warm, kids can’t wait to active outdoors. Why not have them design their own challenging obstacle course using their Fort Magic kits? Outdoor mazes have become very popular. Add old sheets and towels to make the maze more amazing and authentic. Turn the maze into a treasure hunt with cool treats for the kids to find. All that giggling and running is sure to make kids – and the parents who are part of it – feel happy.

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The Great Escape

One of the best ways to encourage kids to be creative is to allow them space and time to themselves. Do it safely by encouraging them to build a playhouse fort in the living room, playroom, or backyard. Give them crafts, books, and other inspiring items for them to explore. Consider having a coloring contest or craft challenge to boost their efforts. It’s incredible what kids can do in the face of a little competition!

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A Tearoom or Other Tasteful Eatery

It’s undeniable that eating is something kids love to do. And they also like to feel grown up and serve others. Let them create a tearoom fort or other eatery based on their favorite foods. Encourage them to makes simple recipes then let them serve you. Stirring instant pudding is simple and gives kids a feeling of accomplishment. And when everyone is enjoying a snack they made and served, they know that creativity is part of all types of activities.

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These are just a few ways to encourage your kids to use fort building to inspire their creativity. Holiday-themed forts, treehouses, and pirate ships are all ideas that take kids out of the routine of daily life and into the wonderful world of imagination. Why don’t you take a break to join them and get inspired, too?

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How do you use the magical wonder of fort building to encourage your kids to be creative and think beyond the routine of daily life? Share your ideas with us below!

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