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Posted July 15, 2020 by Fort Magic

As children, most of us found ourselves outside from sun-up to sun-down during the summer months. Not only was this a great opportunity for exercise, but it allowed us to be creative and to use our imagination to come up with ideas of things to do. Looking back, it’s easy to see the benefit of this time and desire to have that experience for our own children. Fort Magic would love to show you how to make DIY outdoor art forts in the summer to keep your kids engaged and get the creative juices flowing!

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The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

From a scientific standpoint, there are several benefits to getting kids outdoors. The first one being that sunshine helps to boost Vitamin D production. This nutrient not only promotes bone development, but it is also vital for the immune system and even boosting one’s mood.

Furthermore, being outside allows for “unstructured time” promoting creativity and the use of the imagination. Kids will naturally be more active outdoors and perhaps will spend time with siblings or friends, learning how to play and even work together. Lastly, the time spent outside will provide children with a sense of appreciation for nature and all that it has to offer.

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Outdoor Summer Art Forts

A great way to encourage outdoor time with your child is with one of Fort Magic’s building kits. This kit will get your child away from screens while promoting active fun and learning opportunities. One great activity to do with your kit outdoors is to create a summer art fort. Below are just a few ideas to get you started:

Exploring Art With Forts 31. Gather Nature Items

An excellent way to explore and learn about nature while creating your fort is by designing and making a Nature Art Fort. This may mean hitting the beach, a walking trail, or simply your neighborhood to collect flowers, leaves, sticks, and rocks. Talk with your kids about what was found and take time to do some research on types of plants and trees you come across.

Next, bring your items home and get to decorating the fort. This may mean creating a garland around the structures, hanging items, or even making wind chimes from sticks or rocks. Promote creativity and challenge your children to use everything they find.

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2. Draw and Paint

If your children would like walls or a roof to their structure, gather old sheets or large rolls of paper and encourage them to paint or draw on them. Use whatever is handy around the house, including paint, crayons, or markers.

For an added bonus, have them use items they find outside as stencils or stamps with the paint. This could include leaves, flowers, pine cones, or sticks. Once complete and dry, hang the decorated paper or sheets using the fabric clips, and let your kids enjoy their unique artwork all summer long!

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3. Paint Rocks

Another fun outdoor art project for your forts is painting rocks. Have your kids find rocks of varying sizes that are both flat and smooth. Use acrylic paints to add designs or pictures of their choosing, or have them pick a theme for their rocks if they so desire.

For an added element of fun, set up a table, tablecloth, and paint inside the fort and have it act as your outdoor art space. Not only will this promote extra time outdoors, but it will also save on cleanup. Once the rocks are dry, they can be hung, or placed in and around the fort to provide stylish decor.

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4. Try Your Hand at Tie-Dye

For those truly ambitious kids and parents, another great idea for your outdoor summer art forts is tie-dye. In the summer heat, your structure may benefit from walls and a roof to provide valuable shade. So why not tie-dye those walls for a fun project that will also lend to the creativity of your fort.

Though it may take some extra materials and time, it is an activity your kids won’t soon forget! Have them try different colors and designs and, once dry, simply hang them using the Fort Magic’s fabric clips.

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The Importance of Art

Though art is often overlooked when it comes to the education and development of a child, it is vital. Not only does it allow for expression, creativity, imagination, and innovation, it has been proven to treat both anxiety and stress. Art has also been shown to positively impact physical and visual development, as well as cognition. For example, the act of drawing or painting can help develop fine motor skills, as well as reading and writing, and can even boost self-esteem.

From a social aspect, art is imperative as well. It has been proven to encourage social development and can even play a part in psychological maturity and development.

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Getting Your Kids Outdoors

With Fort Magic’s unique building kits, it’s easy to take advantage of these longer days and encourage your children to get out and do something creative. With these kits, your children will be more active and expressive, while learning how to build and create at the same time. Most importantly, they will be making memories that will last a lifetime!

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