DIY Party Forts Make Birthdays Fun and Memorable For Kids

Posted December 16, 2017 by Fort Magic

For kids, birthday parties are the events they look forward to for months. They can have fun with all of their friends. Plus, it’s a chance for your child to be in the spotlight for a day. To add some excitement to your child’s birthday party, there’s no better way to do it than by building a DIY party fort for them to play in. It’ sure to be the center of their attention!

Forts are already the backbone of children’s imaginative play. They’re the site of countless reading sessions, campouts, sleepovers and creative games. Extending them to birthday parties is a natural way to bring the fun and enjoyment of forts into your child’s celebration. And there are so many fun ways to add a fort to any birthday party theme!

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How To Make a Birthday Fort

Making a fort is easy as long as you reference the instructions. Work together with your kids to encourage them to take the building steps in the right order. It’s also a golden opportunity to cultivate several essential traits in your kids, including teamwork, planning, critical thinking, and creativity.Ballon Fort

To start, you should work with your kids to pick out a design that they like out of the countless options available. With one Fort Magic kit, you can make different forts, so you don’t have to settle for something until you are there and ready to make the birthday party magic. Use the instruction as a guideline while encouraging your kids to be creative. Remember, building involves some trial and error. Let the kids learn about problem-solving while they have a good time!

As the pieces come together, remind the kids to check if they fort is turning into the structure they imagined. Once they build the frame of the fort, start the decorating process. Drape fabric covers, such as bed sheets or blankets, over the fort and attach them with clips to keep them securely fastened. The fort is complete with walls and a ceiling now it’s ready for the party-goers – just add your special touches! Here are a few party ideas.2 Ballon Fort

Birthday Craft Fort

At your child’s birthday party, a craft fort can serve as a fun activity where kids can make something special. Their creations also become take-home goodies from the party. You can purchase some kits and have each guest make the same thing (such as tie-dye T-shirts or canvas paintings). Or you can just set up craft supplies, such as construction paper and glue, and have the kids make what they like with minimal instruction.

Either way, cover the floor of the fort with a tarp while you set it up. A tarp will protect your floor from any stains or spills and make cleanup a breeze. All you have to do is lift up the tarp and throw out its contents after the party ends.

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Sleepover Fort

Sleepovers are a classic birthday party activity. Your kids can spend their next sleepover in a DIY fort to enhance the experience. In a sleepover fort, your kids can tell ghost stories and play games until they fall asleep. And a fort keeps them in a specific area of the house. The private environment encourages camaraderie and contains their activities in a limited space. Everyone benefits from this setup!4 Ballon Fort

Outdoor Play Fort

Holding a party outside in an outdoor fort is a perfect party zone in the warm weather. Kids can use the space in their play, such as imagining that the fort is a castle or a ship. An outdoor fort can even be a magical treehouse – with no tree required! And when it gets dark, they can use the fort for reading stories to each other by flashlight. With an outdoor fort, you can use lighter materials to cover the frame to allow a breeze to waft in from the outside.

Birthday parties make memories kids will treasure for years to come. They share special moments with friends and family while the celebrate another milestone in their lives. From their favorite type of birthday cake to a birthday fort, there are simple ways parents can make the day special. Just add balloons and sparkle to transform an ordinary fort into a real-life fairy tale. Make a fort the central zone of your child’s next birthday. The party is sure to be a success!

How do you incorporate fort building into your child’s birthday parties? Share your ideas with us below!


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