DIY Playhouse Forts for the Ultimate Summer Fun

Posted June 9, 2018 by Fort Magic

Summer is right around the corner. And kids are already asking what they can do with their free time. Parents wish they had all day to entertain their favorite people. But we all realize that is unrealistic. And nobody wants the kids mesmerized by television or video games. Get them out of the house and into their own world. Discover DIY playhouse forts for the ultimate summer fun!

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Summertime Garden Forts

Kids love to get dirty. Give them a great reason to do it! Grab the Fort Magic kit and let them create a greenhouse fort. The fort will become a happy place for planting and growing. All it takes is some potting soil, seeds, cups, and plastic digging tools. Discuss how to plant a garden and make it grow. Kids will learn it takes sun, water, and daily care to make plants grow. And imagine their delight when their garden starts to sprout!

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Fishing Pond Forts

A day of fishing at the lazy pond always brings to mind summer fun! And you don’t have to leave home to make it happen. All it takes is a small kiddie pool, water, and play fish and rods to make it happen. Use toys rather than real fishing rods with potentially harmful hooks. Instead, consider using magnetic ones that are safe for little hands. And if the kids have a wonderful time, consider planning the next family vacation at a lake where they can try the real thing – with your supervision, of course!

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Fairytale Forts

Few kids can resist the allure of princesses, knights in shining armor, and the prospect of being royalty. And a castle fort is the perfect way to bring fairy tales to real life! Ask your kids about their favorite fairytale stories. Make crowns with construction paper and plenty of sparkles for everyone to wear in the fort. And put out lots of beanbags and fairytale books to read. At the end of the day, read a fairytale to your royal court to help them have sweet dreams!

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Camping Forts

Some families do not have the time or money to send the kids to camp. Others prefer using the summer to spend lots of time together. Either way, the kids will want some time to themselves. The perfect way is to build a camping fort outside. Host sleepovers in the fort, complete with homemade s’mores. Hold a day camp for the local kids in the fort. Make crafts, read books together, play outdoor games, and serve snacks. And best of all, the kids are having fun with friends right in your backyard!

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Dress-Up Forts

Kids love to wear costume and dress up to pretend they are someone else. Have a career day where the kids dress up as doctors, nurses, carpenters, and other types of workers. Talk about careers so they get inspired about the future. Create costumes for characters in their favorite books. Or simply let them raid the closets to dress up like mommy and daddy!

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Sports Forts

Sports are a wonderful way to keep kids active during the summer. And sports teach kids about teamwork, fitness, and much more. Build a sports fort where they keep all their gear. From bikes and skateboards to basketballs and badminton racquets. having a sports central zone encourages kids to get off the sofa and play outdoors.

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What are your favorite DIY playhouse fort ideas for summertime fun? Do you build special types of forts to teach your kids and keep them actively entertained? Share your ideas with us below!

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