Engineer A Playhouse Fort and Inspire Future Engineers

Posted July 7, 2018 by Fort Magic

When we think of childhood, one of our favorite memories is building. From forts to sand castles and block barricades, kids get a feeling of accomplishment from building something special. And it’s also lots of fun! Now you can share the passion for building with your children. Encourage them to engineer a playhouse fort like nobody else they know has built. Their moment of victory could inspire future engineers! Let’s get started.

Dare to Dream

Encourage your kids to dream of an amazing fort where they can have a wonderful time. Dreams help people set goals. Desire gives them the power to accomplish them. Do the kids want an incredible castle with a rounded top? Do they long to be pirates on a lost ship? Or have they seen a building they want to recreate? Brainstorm about their favorite stories and places. They are sure to come up with something amazing!

Build A Playhouse Fort 1

Develop a Plan

Entrepreneurs have a written business plan to guide them. Engineers create sketches, models, and draw up plans to determine the scope of a building project. Have the kids draw the fort they want to build. Resist the temptation to guide them. Let them decide how they can bring their fantasy to reality. Just make sure to give them a Fort Magic kit, some sheets and clips, and plenty of time to do it!

Build A Playhouse Fort 2

STEM Skills and Engineering Inspiration

In the future, STEM careers will open many doors of opportunity for our kids. It is imperative to encourage them to enjoy learning about science, technology, engineering, and math. Hands-on experiences, such as fort building, help children understand these concepts. According to Mo Hosni, vice president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ board on education, “engineering can be used to inspire and improve student performance.” Once your kids have a sketch or model, let them get to work independently (you can supervise and revel quietly, from afar).

Build A Playhouse Fort 3

Nothing Good Comes Easy

Rarely does anything really good come easy – and kids need to learn this. There will be inevitable setbacks and disagreements when they try to build their playhouse fort. Unless they ask for intervention, let them work it out themselves. Problem-solving is an essential life skill. It is also necessary for people in STEM careers, such as engineering, to have excellent problem-solving skills. And they will be incredibly happy when they figure it all out!

Build A Playhouse Fort 4

Praise the kids when the playhouse fort is done and let them know they are fantastic engineers. And smile to yourself, knowing the best way to teach kids STEM skills is to let them do it naturally through play rather than forcing it on them.

How do you teach your kids about STEM skills and engineering? What role does fort building play and what are some of their inspiring creations? Share your ideas with us below!


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