Enhancing Your Child’s Imagination with Indoor Fort Building Kits

fort building kits for imagination enhancing

If there was a product that enhanced your child’s brain development, improved their problem-solving skills, and got their creative juices flowing, wouldn’t you want to give that to your child? The benefits of imagination enhancing play and cognitive stimulation that fort building kits give children are priceless. With the Fort Magic fort building kit, your kids can have all of that and more in one fun and beneficial product!

The Fort Magic fort building kit allows for physical play, which has been shown to have numerous developmental benefits for children. Getting kids off the couch and moving at a young age can have a lifelong positive impact on their health and activity levels. Physical play can help kids learn skills that will benefit their academic learning as well such as counting and language. According to Carla Hannaford, Ph.D., the part of the brain that puts together information and reason works faster while your body is moving. So, while kids are moving, their learning is increased.

The purchase of a Fort Magic fort building kit is essentially a purchase to benefit your kid’s brain. Not only does a Fort Magic kids fort kit provide important physical play, but they also help develop important learning skills. Your child will learn to cooperate with others as they work together to build their fort, thus developing important social skills and discovering how they work best with others. Fort build kits require creative solutions to problems and learning from your mistakes. This ability for trial and error learning can tremendously improve problem-solving skills and creative thinking. One of the best benefits of fort building kits is the ability for kids to see what their focus, hard work, and inventiveness can accomplish when they finish building their structure.

fort building kits for imagination enhancing

The benefit of cognitive stimulation, like the kind provided by fort building kits, was studied by Martha Farah, director of the center for neuroscience and society at the University of Pennsylvania, over two decades. She found that kids who received more mental stimulation around the age of four had brains that were more developed in the areas of language and cognition in the decades to come. Fort building kits give kids the mental stimulation they need. (And, it’s an added bonus if parents decide to build and play along.)

The real “magic” of Fort Magic is watching the imagination of your kids flourish. To parents, Fort Magic build kits are an educational toy providing plenty of learning opportunities. To kids, forts can be a spaceship, castle, submarine, car, pirate ship, tent, and much more. Your child can use his or her imagination in new and exciting ways every day with a fort building kit. Unlike other toys that your child may grow out of or become disinterested in, fort building kits can morph into whatever their current interest is. You won’t need to invest in a new toy if your child goes from wanting to be an astronaut one day to a firefighter the next. Check out just some of the designs possible with a Fort Magic build kit here.

fort building kits for imagination enhancing

Studies show that imaginative play has just as many benefits as physical play in regards to children’s cognitive and social development. Their language benefits by increasing the use of different parts of speech. Imaginative play also helps kids develop a “theory of mind,” or the idea that other people’s’ thoughts differ from their own and that a variety of perspectives is possible. Imaginative play also allows kids to express both positive and negative feelings, and to better understand those feelings. Empathy, reduced aggression, and civility are all skills developed through imaginative play. One study showed that early pretend play led to increased creative performance later in life.

Perfect for both girls and boys from a wide range of ages, Fort Magic build kits come with everything children need to create a life-size fantasy world of their choosing and truly unleash their imaginations. The kits include 165 straight and curved sticks in seven different sizes, 87 connector pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, 130 fabric clips that are easy to use, and allow you to secure any fabric cover to any shape your child creates with no sewing. Together these pieces can create something big, small, simple, or complex – the possibilities are endless! Get all of the pieces needed to unlock your child’s imagination here.

fort building kits for imagination enhancing

Once your child’s imagination gets going, there may be no stopping them from continuously transforming their fort into something new and exciting. These transformations may require some extra awesome accessories like flags, cannons, and drawbridges to prepare for battle. The inside of a castle may need to be decorated with artwork, or underwater adventurers may require a breathing device so you can swim with the fish. Creating all of these added touches will only work to enhance the imagination and creativity of your kids, and it will give him or her the satisfaction of creating something truly unique and exciting.

Fort building kits can benefit your kids in so many ways, and can even be a fun activity for parents to participate in, too! The small investment in a Fort Magic build kit is a large investment in your child’s development socially, physically, mentally, and creatively. Nurture their imagination with a fort building kit, and you may be surprised at what your child creates.