Exploring Architecture Building Designs Through Forts

Posted January 6, 2016 by Fort Magic

If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, they probably won’t say, “An architect.” Regardless, fort building is a great way for them to explore the basics of architecture at a young age, maybe without even realizing it! Architecture takes imagination and creativity to make something new using the same building materials as always, and exploring architectural building designs through forts is an excellent way to exercise that creativity.

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The Roman architect Vitruvius laid out three principles of good architecture that you can teach your children and encourage them to strive for in their fort building design. The first principle, Firmatis (durability), means that the structure should stand up strongly. The second, Utilitas (utility), means that the fort should be useful. The last, Venustatis (beauty), means that architecture should make people happy when they look at it. With a Fort Magic fort building kit, your kids will have no problem achieving the Firmatis and Utilitas principles, but they can exercise their creativity to find ways to meet the third principle, Venustatis.



One way for older kids to learn more about architectural designs through fort building would be to look at some famous buildings and structures and try to recreate them with their fort building kits. Mimicking ancient structures like pyramids, pagodas, and the Pantheon will not only teach your child about architecture around the world, but they’ll also employ critical thinking while building their fort and learn about other cultures. Consider the 11 scientific benefits of play and how they can help kids’ happiness and health.


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Another fun challenge that will teach children architectural design and building would be a contest to see who can build the craziest looking fort that is still durable and functional. Using a fort building kit will give them the tools they need to create a solid and unique structure. Kids might also get a basic physics lesson as they test the laws of gravity with their unique and inventive structures. Do a quick internet search for “buildings that defy gravity” for some inspiration and to be awed by what architects are capable of creating.



Whether it be learning about classic architectural designs or creating brand new building designs of their own, your children will have fun exploring architectural building designs through forts. Equip your kids with a Fort Magic Fort Building Kit, and they’ll have the opportunity to explore a brand new field they may never have experienced without it.


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