Build Enchanting Forts With The Fort Magic Fort Building Kit

Posted February 5, 2021 by Fort Magic

Are your children caught up in fairytales? Dreaming of castles and carriages, princes and princesses, and even the royal guard. Here at Fort Magic, we love to see kids playing and learning at the same time. Building a fort is a great way for kids to use their imagination as well as problem-solving skills and building skills. With our Fort Magic Building Kits, you can bring those fairy tale dreams to life. Let them get creative and build different castles and carriage designs.

fairy tale fort

Fairy Tale Castle Fort Design

The first step of building a fort is to design one. Ask your child how big they want their castle, if it needs windows, a door, or maybe even a moat! Let their imagination run wild. You may want to grab a piece of paper and sketch out a design. If needed you can browse the internet for some ideas or even use the manual included in your kit for inspiration.

Once you have a design down, you can grab all the pieces you will need and get to the fort building with your kids. This might be something they need help with or can do alone, depending on their age. Our pieces are designed to snap together with ease. Follow your sketch or simply just build as you go.

fairy tale fort

Decorating Your Castle

Now that you have the castle built it is time to decorate your palace just the way your prince and princess would like it. Gather up some old sheets, maybe some paper, a big piece of cardboard, old scarves, or a string of lights. Anything that makes your child feel like royalty.

1. Extravagant Fairy Tale Fort

Some design ideas for your castle can include covering the walls with paper and having the kids draw on the paper to resemble the stone walls. If your little princess is wanting a more girl themed castle bring on the old lace curtains and drape the walls.

Want to make a cool looking moat? Let the kids get a big piece of cardboard and cut it out in the shape of a drawbridge and add some strings for a more realistic look. Then drape blue sheets around the outside of the castle for an instant moat.

2. Easier Design Ideas

Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls make great toppers for the towers. Simply tape them on and for added beauty, you could fold a scarf to make a flag. The options are truly endless on how you can design the outside of your fort.

If you don’t want to do the decorating yourself, there are no worries since we have you covered on that also. Fort Magic offers a castle cover that can be purchased separately if that is more your style. However you decide to decorate the outside of your castle, it will be amazing and your little prince or princess will be sure to love it.

fairy tale fort

The Inside of the Fairy Tale Fort

Getting the inside of the enchanted castle ready is just as exciting as the outside. Does your little one want to be a king or queen? Get a small kid size chair and drape a red sheet over it. Then take some red paper and roll them out the red carpet.

Maybe your daughter’s dream is of being Cinderella getting ready for the ball. Set up a kid’s vanity complete with a brush, hair bows, and play make-up to make her day magical.

Do they have friends over? A royal feast may be more their style. Grab a small table and chairs and set up a table with juice boxes, cookies, and goldfish. Any kid will feel like royalty!

fairy tale fort

Getting Ready

No enchanted castle is complete without a prince or princess or knight running around playing in it. Have your children dress up as their favorite storybook character. Don’t have a favorite? That.s ok too! Play dress up with things you can find around the house to be in your fairy tale fort.

Your little princess may have some dress-up clothes laying around she wants to wear. If not, maybe she can raid mom’s closet for an old bridesmaid dress that can be clipped to fit. Complete the look with a little make-up, some costume jewelry, and some high heels and your princess will be ready for the ball.

Don’t Forget the Boys!

Is that a prince I see? Have your son dress up in his Sunday best, that he can play in of course. Use thick cardboard and cut out a crown design. Attach jewels or costume jewelry to bring it to life.

Maybe a knight is more his style. Using cardboard and tinfoil, design him some armor to keep him safe. Add in a pretend sword or even make one if you need to. Grab a few stuffed animals that look like dragons and horses, and your knight is ready to defend his kingdom.

fairy tale fort

Activities In & Out of the Fort

Thinking back to medieval times, what are the activities they did? Have your kids mimic those. Tell jokes to one another or sing songs together like they used to. Have a gymnast? Let them perform an act like the jesters used to do.

Looking for more learning ideas surrounding the fort? Read your child a book about medieval times and the history of royalty. Look at pictures of real castles and talk about the responsibilities of a King and Queen. Discuss what kind of character qualities they must have and if your kid has some of those in their life.

We know your kids are eager to get busy building by now, and we are sure you have plenty of ideas to get started. Fort Magic Building Kits are fun for all ages and get the whole family involved.  Have fun creating your fairytale adventures with your little ones.

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fairy tale fort

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