6 Magical Ideas To Celebrate The Holidays With Children's Forts

Posted November 20, 2020 by Fort Magic

The holidays are a magical time filled with so many unique traditions. And, while many of us look forward to them every year, why not make them even better for your children with a Fort Magic building kit? Designed to fit kids both young and old, this kit can add a new element to your yearly activities or even help you create new ones. Your children are sure to enjoy any activity with their new fort, all while learning and growing developmentally along the way! Here are 6 steps to help your family with fort building during the holiday season.

fort building during holiday

Magical Ideas for Fort Building During the Holiday Season

With a little imagination, your fort building kit can provide endless opportunities for fun and growth during the holiday season. Not only will your kids be thinking through how to design and build their structure, but they will also be using problem-solving skills and creativity to do so. Below are just a few ideas to help make your holidays even more magical for your children while they learn, build, and enjoy their fort!

fort building during holiday

1. Make a Snow Fort

Even if the white stuff isn’t falling outside, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t still enjoy it in their very own snow fort. First, have them create and build a structure of their own design. Next, have them cut out snowflakes by folding paper and cutting out unique shapes, or by following a template.

Lastly, hang string or icicle lights that give a soft glow and the appearance of falling snow. This fun space will provide a perfect spot for them to hang out, play, read, or continue creating.

fort building during holiday

2. Make a Tree Farm

Whether you enjoy a real or artificial tree, picking out the tree and decorating it is a big deal. Let your kids in on the action by having them create their own tree farm during the holiday season with a fort building activity! Start by having them design a fort that will be able to house multiple “trees”. Next, let them make their own trees with leftover cardboard or butcher paper, and remember that no two trees are exactly alike.

Hang the trees from the top of the structure, set up lights around it, and allow them to even price trees as they wish. For extra fun, have them cut out ornaments and decorate the trees in their own special way. It can even be a competition to see who can make their tree look the best!

fort building during holiday

3. Relive the Nativity Story

For many, the holidays are a religious celebration and one that can be incorporated into fort-building as well! One way to do this is by having your children create a structure in which they can reenact the Christmas story. Another way is by having your children tell the story through their artwork.

This may look like creating a structure that can display different scenes from the nativity story, or by having your kids draw on the fort itself. To do this, simply hang butcher paper to form walls using the fabric clips and have them draw or paint as you read the story aloud. These pictures will not only help them learn the story but will serve as a reminder of why you’re celebrating all season long.

fort building during holiday

4. Make a Wrapping Station

While many kids get excited about receiving gifts, it’s also important to emphasize the importance of giving gifts as well. To do this, have your children create a wrapping station with their building kit. Have them create a unique structure that provides plenty of space for them to keep wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows, and other decorating items on hand. They can even use leftover paper to decorate their fort or to create walls around their structure.

Finally, have them participate in selecting gifts for others, and let them wrap them in their own wrapping station. Not only will they enjoy receiving gifts this year, but they’ll also understand the joy in giving them as well.

fort building during holiday

5. Enjoy Christmas Classics

Who doesn’t love all of the fun books that come with this time of year? Encourage your kids to set up a cozy space that is conducive to reading or listening to some of their favorite holiday classics. Not only should this fort have comfortable seating, but adequate lights for reading and maybe even string lights to provide a nice holiday ambiance. Heat up some hot cocoa and let your kids enjoy an afternoon of their favorite holiday stories.

fort building during holiday

6. Ornament Craft Corner

For those children who enjoy getting creative, why not let them do some fort building that will become their craft corner for the holiday season? Allow them to make a large structure that can fit a table and plenty of crafting supplies like paper, markers, crayons, glue, and if you’re brave enough – glitter! An old sheet or tarp can be placed under the table to catch any messes or spills.

One fun idea for their craft corner is to make ornaments. Not only can they decorate your personal tree, but they can become gifts for friends, family members, and even neighbors. This activity will be a blast, especially doing it in their very own crafting corner!

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