Fort Building Inspires Excitement & Creativity In Home Learning

Posted January 29, 2021 by Fort Magic

Learning through play is essential to early childhood development.  Fort Magic building kits allow educators and parents to inspire excitement and creativity in their children’s education. Here are a few ways you can use our fort building kit for kids as part of in-home learning.

learning through fort building

Fort Building Kits Inspire Excitement and Creativity

Building forts is a truly exciting experience for kids! When they are given the right tools, their creativity will soar. By teaching your kids to build a fort, you are also helping build their skills in team building, critical thinking, and long-term planning. Since this activity is fun, they will spend hours using their critical thinking skills and developing fine-motor skills.

learning through fort building

Learning Through Fort Building

No matter what game they are playing or how simple it may seem, kids are always learning through play. Fort building activities involve your child’s motor skills, which require them to move and manipulate objects and figure out how they fit together. This also helps with their spatial awareness which has been proven to help develop their reading and math skills as they grow.

Building forts encourages your kids to think critically and reason their way through problems. They will also learn to focus on the project at hand and have a little patience, which we all need to work on. All of these skills will help kids in learning as they grow older.

learning through fort building

Growing Creativity in Your Kids

Fort building with a Fort Magic Kit will engage your kids and their creative side. This provides them with a chance to build their playtime around what they have built. Will they be a pirate today sailing on a pirate ship? What about a princess playing in her castle? What will tomorrow bring? Flying on their rocket ship and looking on aliens or something like a race car driver.

Kids can use their imagination to come up with their own fairy tales and their own fort designs. The possibilities of what they can be really are endless and can change every day as many times as they want them to. Fort Magic kits make it easy to go from one fairy tale to the next.

Here are a few fort ideas to get your kids started on their creativity.

learning through fort building

1. Hiding Place

Let your child create a fun hiding place. Build the frame of the fort and then drape it with a cloth or light blanket. You can also use old curtains, bed sheets, towels, scarves, or any fabric you have laying around. Attach the materials to the fort using the fabric clips provided.

learning through fort building

2. Pretend Work Station

Encourage your child to create a fort that will mimic real-life businesses, jobs, stores, etc. Let them set up a shop and work out of their fort all day. They could set up a nail salon, grocery store, bank, restaurant, or any number of places they visit.

learning through fort building

You can come into their shop and interact with them as a customer. Encourage their siblings to work the shop with them or be additional customers that are served.

learning through fort building

No matter how you choose to interact with your child in their fort, their creativity will continue to grow.

learning through fort building

3. Serving Tent

Take your fort building designs outside and let your kids set up a serving tent. This could be a great place for them to set up a lemonade stand, bake sale, or sell other types of crafts. It’s a great way for them to interact with your neighbors and others around you.

learning through fort building

Setting up a fort outside is also beneficial to your child’s creativity because simply getting outdoors boosts creativity. Scientists have learned that you can experience mental fatigue by always staying inside. Getting outside improves attention span, boosts mental health, and causes you to feel happier.

Our fort kits can be used indoors and outdoors without a problem. The carrying case it comes with is easy to tote around.
learning through fort building

4. Reading Zone

Some kids prefer just to relax and have a quiet zone to chill out in. Maybe they want to read a book in peace or do their homework without the dog bothering them. One idea is to make a reading fort and fill it with some comfortable pillows and blankets. You could even add a string of lights and their favorite books to make it their cool hangout. Kids love having a place they can call theirs and that in itself encourages them to read and learn even more every day.

learning through fort building

Now that you have all these fort ideas in your mind, you are ready to get busy. Work with your kids or have them work together to plan out how to build the fort. What parts will they need and how many of each? It is important to let the kids see and know each step taken during fort building so they can be learning through it.

It does not matter which step the kids are involved in, from planning what to build to getting the pieces and cover to the actual building of the fort, all steps make learning fun and easy. What will be your first build? We can not wait to hear all about it!

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learning through fort building

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