Fort Building Staycation Ideas for Kids and Families

Posted January 9, 2017 by Fort Magic

Vacations remove us from the everyday routines to rejuvenate bodies, minds and family relationships. Interestingly, forts do the same thing! Even better, fort staycations fit the family budget quite easily. With some ingenuity, your family can experience the refreshing fun of a mini-vacation right at home in a fort. No packing, long road trips, cramped airplane rides, or a need for creative answers to “Are we there yet?” Yet, your family gets all the benefits of a journey away from the routine. The staycation, holistay or daycation originated for just such reasons.

staycation ideas for kidsThe years 2007 to 2010 brought the staycation to popularity as the United States hit a financial crisis. These home-based trips offer opportunities for families to save money on a reduced budget while loving the comforts of home to “get away” from the usual routine. Staycations offer an opportunity to squeeze in a few more “trips” during the year in addition to travel. Plus, you get to explore the area around town in ways which often get missed with life’s busyness. Parks, museums, shows, malls, neighborhood barbecues, naps and more go unnoticed. With the suspension of sports, work, chores and more, you and the kids will love experiencing new things on your staycation with forts.

Playtime Builds Confidence 1The key to any vacation is the chance to interact as a family in a different way. The slower pace and quality time opens opportunities for conversation and lets your kids know you value time with them. In fact, research proves that family vacations positively impact bonding, communication, and unity. To do so, your family needs to escape the everyday world. While this is trickier when not traveling, it is entirely possible. Your Fort Magic kit helps accomplish this goal. Remember when you built forts as a kid? No matter the shape, size or location, these magical childhood creations transported you to another dimension. This is the idea you aim for with your staycation. So, let’s get to planning your trip to Fort Holistay!

Playtime Builds Confidence 2First, clear the calendar. As any parent knows, this requires intent. Time does not free itself. In fact, it seems your schedule always fills continually. Choose a day, two or three when work, sporting events, volunteer work, extracurricular activities and whatever else occupies your family can best be suspended. Get rid of the guilt. Quality family time and space to rest and rejuvenate are vital to success in all of these endeavors, so lay the guilt trip aside.

Playtime Builds Confidence 3Second, determine ahead of time the parameters for checking email, taking work or personal calls, and the like. Limiting these activities as much as possible leads to a greater mental break for you and increased focus on family. Stick with your commitment. Even ask your spouse or kids to hold you accountable, and do not get upset when they do.

Playtime Builds Confidence 4Finally, plan! Research local interests or at-home activities that the whole family enjoys. Again, incorporating the Fort Magic fort kit transports you to destinations only limited by your family’s collective imagination. Need some ideas for creating a vacation themed fort at home? As a family, imagine a favorite vacation spot or a bucket list destination. Put on those imagination caps, and create the theme at home. Build the fort. Add local or at-home activities around the destination. Whip up a few simple snacks or meals with the home chef or order out. Let these ideas inspire you to come up with a unique adventure:

Playtime Builds Confidence 5—Tiki forts or huts along the tropical blue beach of the family or kiddie pool (even the bathtub for cold months). A local indoor pool, outdoor pool or beach works as well.

— A rustic cabin fort in the mountains complete with creek walks at local parks, mountain biking over rooted trails and a campfire (real or crafted) at night for storytelling and crooning.

— The famed dude ranch fort serving up home cooking and horseback rides at a local equestrian center or park. A rodeo or bull riding event fits the bill.

Boat forts offer adventures with regatta races in the backyard or bathtub pool, or a dinner with a sightseeing cruise along a river or lake.

— A sports-themed fort inspires day trips to the golf course, skate park, tennis or basketball court, exercise class, ice rink, or a ball or hockey game of your favorite local team.

Playtime Builds Confidence 6In between activities, a staycation fort offers opportunities for quiet play, napping or resting, dining, conversation, and bedtime stories. Use your uniquely designed fort as a headquarters to take your family out of its usual routine. No matter the destination or theme, fort staycations bring families together through planning, communication, and boundless fun. So, do not delay, Grab the kids, your calendar, and the Fort Magic kit to get to planning that holistay the whole family will anticipate!

Playtime Builds Confidence 7What does your family do during a staycation? How does fort building fit into your family plans? Share your ideas below!


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