How To 'Toddler-Proof' Your Forts!

Posted December 30, 2012 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic Customer Tip On How To ‘Toddler-Proof’ Your Forts!

Even though Fort Magic is recommended for ages 5 1/2 and up, smaller brothers and sisters can’t help but get in on the fun when Fort Magic comes out to play!  Sometimes very small children can be rough when playing and knock the sticks and connectors apart.  It is best to remind kids to use a ‘push & twist’ motion when connecting the sticks and connectors (parents may need to help small children with this action, depending on their dexterity and ability according to age).  However, our wonderful customer, Chelsea, came up with a cleverly simple solution she wanted to share with everyone, that turned her family’s Fort Magic creations into toddler-proof forts!  Enjoy!

December Fort Magic Customer Tips Chelsea!


How To Keep Your Sticks & Connectors Together With Small Children (Ages 2, 4, & 6)
~Customer Tip from Mom, Chelsea  (Thank you Chelsea!)

“Fort Magic is awesome! I have 3 kids (who are old enough to enjoy it) 6, 4, 2. But being that they are young for it they were rough and breaking it apart in the course of their play. I cut some pieces of non-stretch scrap fabric about 5×7 or so and reinforced the joints by pulling it tight and attaching fabric clips (see pic) and wow did it make a difference! The two year old can literally run her car into the wall without one joint coming apart! (True story, i have it on video. ;) I found it way easier and quicker than trying to wrap a large piece of fabric but the large piece can always be added too. Just thought I’d pass the idea along (though I imagine I am not the first to think of it).  Thanks again for such a great product!”

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