Fort Magic Fabric Cover Tips

Posted September 28, 2018 by Fort Magic

One of the coolest things about Fort Magic is the amazing Fabric & Accessory Fort Clips included in every kit! The Fort Magic fabric clips allow you to attach nearly any fabric or accessory for hours of play, right out of the box! Fort Magic customers just rave about the convenience and ease of use our fabric clips offer.



Teepees are all the rage right now

Have you noticed those little toddler teepees are ever so popular right now? You can take our Teepee Fort design, add a cheap painters canvas from your local hardware store and a string of LED lights and you have your very own teepee for a fraction of the cost. Add a soft rug underneath and some fuzzy pillows to create a little reading spot for quiet time.

The best part is this teepee will be big enough for bigger kids. Encourage your kids to customize their teepee with some paint. To create symmetrical designs, make your designs with fabric tape and set to work painting.


Turn your old sheets into a castle

If you want to customize your own castle, use one of our castle design ideas and cover with old bed sheets. You can add different color fabric or even use fabric paint and markers to create the look you want. Add that fairytale touch with a strand of white colored LED lights.

If you don’t have old sheets don’t worry. Our fabric clips will attach the fabric to the sticks without doing any damage. You can make a fort that afternoon and then make your bed that evening, all with the same set of sheets.


Go camping

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to spend an evening under the stars. After construction is complete on your tent, cover with fabric to keep out the cold air (and bugs of course). Set up the inside with sleeping bags, flashlights, marshmallows, books, and anything the kids feel is a necessity for camping. You can really let their imaginations go wild here. It can get fun for you as you see what they come up with.

You can even have a campfire if you have a firepit in your backyard. If you don’t or there is a burn ban in your area, construct your own fire pit with a circle of rocks and fill it with red tulle and LED lights to give it that campfire glow. Tie a piece of ribbon over one of the sticks in your tent or secure it in place with a fabric clip. You can then use it to hang your lantern on the inside of your tent.


No fabric, no problem!

Another fun option is to use paper in crafting your forts. Paper is versatile and you can create anything your imagination comes up with. The best part about craft paper forts is that you get to bust out the paints, markers, and crayons and let your inner artist out.


Anything is possible with fabric clips

One of the most raved about features of our Magic Forts kits is the fabric clips. These enable you to use nearly any type of fabric to cover your fort. You can use anything from old clothes to even your outdated curtains and turn them into an outdoor playhouse.

The best part is that your kids can use their imagination to come up with materials to cover their forts and give it the look they want. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on specialized fabric covers because anything will work. With our fabric clips, the world is your oyster.


King for a day

With one of our Knights & Dragons Fabric sets, your child can spend hours defending their castle from the fierce dragon. Combine it with the Fairyland Castle set and add to the excitement as the knight in shining armor rescues the damsel in distress from her fairyland castle. What child doesn’t love the idea of knights, castles, dragons, dungeons, kings, and queens?

Nothing is more whimsical than colorful scarves. Gather up all your scarves or even keep an eye out for them from the thrift store. See what kind of whimsical castle ideas you can come up with!

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