Fort Magic Glamour House Fort By Gianna & Family!

Posted February 26, 2013 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic Glamour House!

A Saturday afternoon becomes an unforgettable Fort Magic family adventure for little Gianna! Enjoy these pictures of their exciting creation…a beautiful Fort Magic Glamour House!

“On Saturday morning we were looking for something to do as a family, so my husband and I decided to help our 4 year old daughter build a Fort Magic Cottage design. She has been wanting to build the Cottage for a while.  The Cottage was not very difficult to build and so fun to create together. It became so much fun for all of us that we decided to add a little extra side room for fun!”


February Fort Magic Glamour House Gianna & Family! 1

“We had always used regular bed sheets with her past Fort Magic creations, but this design was so cute we decided to purchase special prettier fabric for the cover. We printed off the Fort Magic Cottage Fabric Pattern and took it to JoAnne’s Fabrics. The fabric pattern was exact! So easy!”

February Fort Magic Glamour House Gianna & Family! 2

“While Gianna & I were decorating the outside of the fort, my husband was installing some wireless & battery operated LED track lighting that he bought at Home Depot for Gianna’s fort. He tied the lights to the ceiling support bar using wire ties & simply taped the switch to a side support. We can safely reuse this lighting in any fort! She can easily enjoy her fort at too. It was really worth it!

My daughter is super girly! So of course Gianna wanted a hook for her purses and dresses! So she invented this design made of a 5″ stick and 90 degree connector. This is why I love this toy. It is such a great way to stimulate our daughter’s imagination. This was a project that was fun for all of us. It’s such a great way to encourage my daughter mentally & physically in so many ways. Fort Magic continues to foster creativity & imagination for as long as you decide to leave it up!”
Mom, Holly

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Thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful & glamorous fort photos with us Holly & Gianna!  Your family really created something special together.  We just love your additional fort design ideas, purse & dress hooks, interior lighting, and all of your fanciful decorations & props!  What a fantastic job!!!