Fort Magic Indoor Fort Building Kits Offer Play Fort Kits To Enhance Your Child’s Imagination!

Children Love Indoor Fort Kits!

There’s no doubt about it. Give them a fort building kit and they are happily playing and having a blast for hours to come. Whether they are building a teepee, castle or puppet stage from our manual, or cleverly creating new designs on their own, kids will have a tremendous amount of fun building with their Fort Magic kit.

Fort Magic is passionate about every fort building kit we sell. We put the highest standards of quality into our products…for children! Because we believe this, is what children and families deserve. We wish you many hours of creative, quality family time with your children! It is our pleasure to be of service each day.

If you think we are passionate about these fort kits, you should read what our customers say.


The Fort Magic indoor fort building kits are the only comprehensive, large-scale fort kits on the market. We have designed our kits to include everything necessary to unleash your child’s imagination. Fort Magic building kits include: 165 Straight and Curved Sticks – in seven different sizes! 87 Connector pieces in five varieties of shapes and sizes! 130 easy to use fabric and accessory clips – securely fastened custom fitting covers to ANY shape or design your child invents with no sewing! Round tents, square forts, teepee tents, castle play tents, big forts, small forts, ANY fort or tent can have a perfectly customized Fort Magic fort every time they play! Also included is a full color instructional manual with over 20 designs to build! This children’s fort kit will fit within a high quality storage bag that conveniently and securely holds all of the Fort Magic pieces so clean up is quick and easy every time –  Learn more about our Fort Magic play kits by clicking here to visit our Facebook page or blog.



Fort Building 101

A child who has played with blocks knows why they can be so fun! The World of Fort Magic opens the possibilities of making almost anything a child could imagine. Watch your child create a teepee tent, a castle play tent, a space ship or even a puppet show stage! Now, take this well-known, mass-marketed idea like building blocks and add to it the ability to become life-size, realistic and truly unending in its building potential by adding multiple sized straight and curved sticks and connectors … and you now have the building blocks of the future! A child’s fort kit like no other.  It’s a playground for the mind! Click here to view our Top 5 Fort Magic Play Kits and building designs on our Facebook page.


As parents, we all want our kids growing up using their imaginations every day. But, lets face it, with electronics being so entertaining it can be difficult to motivate our kids to actually use their brains and bodies to innovate and create. Research shows that physical play toys for children are critical tools for childhood brain development. Intuitively we understand this as parents. This is why we seek toys that both entertain AND develop our children’s minds. We’d like to introduce them to the World of Fort Magic by giving them a indoor fort building kit to inspire their imaginations actively each day – it’s a gift that goes way beyond the box! Click here for an extended article on our blog about your child’s developing brain.


At Fort Magic, we teach children to play while also valuing planning, and confident choices while using their play fort building kit.  A Fort Magic play fort kit is about building a fort as big as your imagination. As a company, Fort Magic is dedicated to serving and nurturing the creative intelligence of growing children. We believe in every child’s greatness. And we know that confidence; curiosity and a love for exploration and learning established in childhood will help to build healthy brains for adulthood and beyond! Click here to view a teepee tent, castle tent and five more popular fort designs.


Purchase A Children’s Play Fort Today!

A children’s play fort is exercise for the brain. When you make the decision to purchase a Fort Magic play fort, you will be investing in some of the best workout equipment on the market to get young brains as fit as they can be. Fort Magic is tested to be one of the best toys you can purchase for your kids. Click here to purchase a Fort Magic creative play fort today!