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Posted February 29, 2016 by Fort Magic

A lion or a lamb? So the saying goes about March’s weather. What better way to keep kids’ bodies active and minds engaged than by pulling out the Fort Magic kit? Let’s explore some creative ways to weather the long month of March with imagination using freestyle fort designs for kids.


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When the forecast calls for lion-like weather, let your kids turn the dining room into a cave! The endless creative options with Fort Magic sticks and connectors transform the stuck-inside boredom into magical habitats. Imaginations will run wild!


Freestyle Forts 1

Freestyle Forts 2


Encourage your kids to create a grand entrance to a cave with Fort Magic sticks and connectors. The dining room table becomes an exciting extension of the creation. Place the cave entrance near the table and drape sheets or tablecloths on the table and fort, linking them together. Or, use the table as the cave and get busy creating a jungle jeep from your Fort Magic kit. Now your kids are transported to the safari!


Freestyle Forts 3


Add stuffed animals to the cave. Grab books off the bookshelf or from the library on animal habitats. Make masks from paper plates or use costumes from home. Invite friends to join the adventure. After all, lions like to hang out in groups! The kids will be off on an afternoon safari as the weather outside rages and everyone goes from lambs to lions!


Freestyle Forts 4

Freestyle Forts 5


Is the forecast predicting gentle as a lamb weather? Everybody grab a windbreaker. Take your Fort Magic kit out to the deck or backyard and get creating! Encourage the kids to build barns, stables and other animal habitats. Pull on the mud boots and tend to the lambs and other creatures in your Fort Magic abode. Explore the first signs of spring in the meadow formerly known as your backyard. Don’t forget to include frolicking games of tag or hide and seek. Lambs do like to play!


Freestyle Forts 6

Freestyle Forts 7


Is a sprinkle threatening to end the frolic and fun? Lightweight tarps make excellent weather- and mud-fairing Fort Magic walls. (Also, watch for Fort Magic covers arriving this spring!) Set your Fort Magic fort on a tarp and use lightweight tarps overhead. Secure the tarps through the grommets using zip ties or string. Snuggle your little ones in with books, activities, and snacks – a perfect hideaway for any lamb. It’s all about kids making it happen.


Freestyle Forts 8

Freestyle Forts 10


Lion or lamb, imaginations abound in March! Spend some time listening to your kids and playing – everyone is sure to enjoy those moments together.



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