Fun and Educational: Summer Celebration With Lemonade Stand Forts

Posted July 27, 2017 by Fort Magic

The summer is a great time for having fun outside and perfect for kids to relax from the responsibilities that come with being in school. That doesn’t mean a clever parent cannot find a way to mix a little fun in which some teachable moments. Even better, your kids may not even realize that they’re learning life skills vital to growing up. One of the best summer celebration activities that you can get your kids excited about is starting a lemonade stand. Build a cool lemonade stand fort and give them the opportunity to taste what being an entrepreneur is like while outside of the classroom.

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Build Your Lemonade Stand

One of the first fun and educational activities is designing your unique lemonade stand. Fort Magic fort building kits are perfect for creating a unique design that your child implements. Remind your child that the fort must be big enough to fit a lemonade stand inside. Don’t forget you need counter space for laying out the ingredients, cups, and pitchers.

Your kids will have a great time creating a design that works, especially when they take the initiative. The fun thing here is that you don’t have to stick with just one design and can change it up later.

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Getting Your Business Setup

The next part of your lemonade stand is getting your business setup. This means going over your recipe, talking about how much each ingredient costs when shopping and how to price the lemonade. Also go over any side items you might offer to customers, such as cookies or small snacks. Figure out if you want to give away any items with a purchase as well.

This is all a lot of fun for the kids, but it’s also teaching them to think logically. They’ll see how much money it takes to purchase the different ingredients. Kids learn how to actually use the math they learn in school to determine how much each glass of lemonade costs them to make. Then, they can use this to determine what price they want to make their lemonade. When kids recognize the real-life applications of school lessons, they learn better and retain more information.

Kids can also really enjoy learning about what ways they can market their new lemonade stand. They can make signs with their lemonade stand’s name and prices to let people know about their product. You can help them with social media and other marketing activities to get attention to their new business venture.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Another skill that this will help instill in your children is learning how to work with other people. Many of the activities that are done in school focus on individual accomplishments since most schools gravitate towards testing each student. Teachers do their best, but that’s when parents can step in and help with these types of life lessons. Have the kids involved in the lemonade stand work together on all of the different aspects of setting up the stand rather than trying to do it for them.

In addition to learning how to talk with their fellow lemonade stand creators, kids also have a chance to learn how to communicate with their customers. It may take some time to get used to talking to strangers, especially considering the information that kids are given to not talk to strangers, but this is just one more beneficial skill that they’ll learn through this enterprise.

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What To Do With All That Money

Money is a touchy subject for many adults, but that doesn’t mean that parents get a free pass on teaching their kids about money. This is a good opportunity to help kids understand how money works. Let them have an amount to start their business with, have them take that money to purchase the items and make the change with for their customers. Kids can learn about reinvesting the money they make to buy more ingredients for another day. You can think of this as training for when they’ll be in charge of making money and paying bills.

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This is also a good time to teach them what they can do with the profits they receive. Give them options to what they want to do with their earnings. Encourage them to save it up for something fun at the end of the summer. Interest them in donating all or some of the profits to a charity of their choice. This is an excellent time to teach them about how they can divide up the money that they have, and use it for a variety of purposes. Plus, teaching them about helping others is always good at any age.

There are a lot of benefits that come from helping your children set up a lemonade stand over the summer using an awesome fort. They have a great time creating their own business empire in the front yard while you get to watch them blossom and grow into the adults that they’ll be in the future.

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We’d love to help you on your quest for family fun. And do you have any fun and creative lemonade stand fort ideas to share with us? Let us know below to help make our summer celebration even better!


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