Fun Ideas for an Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

Posted September 7, 2017 by Fort Magic

If your kids enjoy parkour or ninjas, you’ve spent many an evening watching the American Ninja Warriors running through the giant obstacle course to try to get to the very end and do their personal best. It’s very exciting, and often, inspiring because of the different histories of the ninjas.

Watching obstacle courses is also a great way to entice kids to be more active and get outdoors. If you don’t give them an opportunity to be a ninja, they may be parkouring around your coffee table, couch and any imagined obstacle in your home. Fort Magic has just what you need to create your own outdoor obstacle course in your backyard for plenty of summer and fall fun!

obstacle course in your backyard

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Consider the typical layout of an obstacle course and let your kids use a Fort Magic kit to create it. Build a starting gate to enter to discover the course. Create an epic ending gate for them to go through once they’ve completed the course. Make tunnels and zig-zags to tackle during the obstacle course.

Keep in mind the child’s age when creating an obstacle course so it is challenging, not frustrating. Encourage kids to create their own obstacle course and tackle it for a feeling of accomplishment!

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Benefits of an Obstacle Course

For moms and dads who are trying to keep their kids from jumping between the love seat and the couch, an obstacle course outside has definite benefits! Besides protecting the furniture, kids are safer in an obstacle course that is designed for that purpose.

The children are getting out of the house to soak up some of the sunshine and fresh air. Plus, kids feel a boost of confidence when they build a fantastic obstacle course they can complete. When they master one obstacle course, they can redesign another!

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Getting Up and Getting Moving

Sometimes the idea of playing outside has a hard time competing with all of the cool gadgets and technology that can be found indoors. Building an obstacle course is a definite hit. An obstacle course lures kids to get off of their tablet or video game system to go outside.

Kids experience the joy of being able to exercise without really realizing that they are doing something for their fitness and health. While the kids are imagining the ninjas they see on TV, they are also building stronger bodies and minds!

Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas 3

Teach About Healthy Competition

Kids and competition can be a controversial topic today. Some parents and officials believe in trophies for participation while others are against the idea. As this debate continues among the adults, kids can get lost in the mix. The goal is to instill a healthy sense of competition that fuels accomplishment without guilt over losses.

An outdoor obstacle course is an excellent way to teach kids about competition, winning, and losing. This practice prepares them for gym class, school testing, and future competitive endeavors. Kids learn how to win and lose with grace. And they are making amazing memories while they do it!

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Another benefit that comes from creating a backyard obstacle course is the creativity component. One of the coolest things about American Ninja Warrior is that the course is never completely the same. They have some obstacles that repeat, such as the warped wall, but they are always in new configurations.

The course maker must use his or her creative skills to create new course ideas. And the person running the course has to be able to figure out a logical way to beat the obstacle. Kids get to exercise their creativity while learning about sizes, shapes, architecture, and more.

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Idea Sources

Ready to create a backyard obstacle course, but need some inspiration? Fort Magic sticks and connectors can be used build an epic obstacle course. Add flags to for an authentic experience. Winding, jumping, running, and collecting flags are all part of the joy and competition!

Make pop-up tunnels and grab a stopwatch to time the kids’ progress. Have the kids complete the course on a tricycle. Turn on the sprinkler for some cool fun on a hot day. Add a bean bag or basketball toss to the course. Encourage the kids to incorporate their favorite outdoor games and activities for a one-of-a-kind obstacle course.

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A one-of-a-kind obstacle course starts with a Fort Magic kit and plenty of imagination. Let the kids exercise their imaginations and minds to create a course that keeps them going outside for more. Let the games begin!

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How do you use fort building to create outdoor obstacle courses? What challenges do you include in your obstacle course? Share your ideas with us below!

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