Fun Tea Party Fort Ideas Also Teach Kids About Social Skills

Posted September 21, 2017 by Fort Magic

Tea parties are a timeless childhood play tradition. Just thinking about tea parties can bring up images of fancy dresses, extravagant hats, and monocles. Everyone is holding their teacups with pinkies in the air and delicious snacks and at a decorated table. All of these things belong in your child’s tea party fort! Having a tea party fort adds an extra dimension of fun for your children. It is also a golden opportunity to teach them about manners and social graces. All it takes is a Fort Magic kit and lots of imagination!

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Building A Tea Party Fort

Let your kids picture a scenario for their tea party fort. It can be an elegant castle or mansion, where everyone dresses in their best and has tasty snacks. Or it can be a welcoming cottage where people gather for tea after a day a long day at work. The goal is to share something special with friends and family. The party can even include a few favorite dolls and stuffed animals!

Once you decide the scenario, consider the number of guests and party hosts. Everyone needs room to play, sip tea, and have a good time. Have your child figure out the size of the fort. And all this teaches kids about party planning, math, and architecture! Will there be entertainment? Maybe one or more kids play a musical instrument, likes to sing, or knows how to mix music. A reading circle or poetry reading are other entertaining options. The kids can create a space within the fort for entertainment while everyone enjoys their teatime.

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Getting the Party Set Up and Picking a Theme

Consider a theme for your tea party. Kids will learn parties typically have a theme. These themes can celebrate a season, certain foods, or a beloved story character. Your children can pretend the tea party fort is at a restaurant and they can play at being hosts, waiters, and patrons. Or everyone can have a fairytale tea party, complete with royalty, crowns, and title.

The kids can send invitations for a more formal feel. Handmade invitations shaped like teacups are perfect! And let them try calligraphy for invitations that are sure to get noticed. Show them how to address, stamp and mail the invitations, so they are ready for future party planning.

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Decorating and Dining at the Tea Party

Now it’s time to get decorations and plan fancy snacks. The kids can make tea party decoration from streamers, balloons, aluminum foil, construction paper, glitter, and other typical arts and crafts items. Encourage them to make themed decorations for a truly splendid gathering. And cookie cutters are not just for cookies! They’re also ideal for cutting out shaped sandwiches, which will make irresistible finger food for the tea party guests. If you are at a fancy tea party, full of lords and ladies, an elegant crown-shaped sandwich to go with your delicious tea is just what you need!

Plan tea party snacks your kids can make and serve themselves, with just a little help from you. Finger sandwiches, mini ice cream sundaes, cookies, and cheese with crackers are all perfect for a tea party. Make delicious iced tea together to serve in dainty cups for a truly authentic soiree. With safety in mind, display flameless candles decorated with glitter for plenty of oohs when the guests sit down to have tea.

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Party Favors

Give out party favors, so the guests take away more than the afterglow of excitement from your tea party. A few little treats and maybe a small toy or game are sure to make kids smile. Try to find items that match the theme of your tea party. And cool party favors remind guests of your grand afternoon soiree long after everything is over. Consider sippy cups, homemade fans, and silk flowers for a touch of tea party luxury. Include a crafty favor the kids feel proud about making.

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Parties are fun, but they also require imagination, planning, and creativity. Building a Fort Magic fort and hosting a tea party teaches your kids real-life skills while they enjoy themselves. Plus, they get the excitement that comes with showing others a good time. Sharing is caring, and tea parties help kids develop this mindset. Help them along the way but allow your children to use their imagination to create a party that reflects their unique personalities. And maybe they’ll want to help plan your next holiday gathering or party. You never know what fantastic ideas they might bring to the table!

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How do you use fort building to plan the ultimate tea party? What goodies do your kids include at their soirees? Share your ideas below!

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