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Posted December 11, 2015 by Fort Magic

When you think of children’s art, you probably think of things like finger painting, coloring, and modeling clay. However, there are so many cool ways for children to be artistic outside of the typical. One of those ways is by building forts. Get creative exploring art with forts, and your child will discover a whole new form of creative and artistic expression.


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Before a work of art can be created and enjoyed by others, it has to be imagined by the artist. Fort building is no different. Fort Magic provides everything your child will need in their Fort Building Kit to create almost any design they can imagine! The creative process of bringing what you imagined to life takes on a whole new form, literally, by building a fort to display as your piece of art.


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Fort building can introduce your child to a new form of art they may not be familiar with – architecture. Architecture rides a fine line between math, science, and art, among other disciplines. However, the process of creating something special that could otherwise turn out unremarkable is definitely art.


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Have your child focus on how creative they can be while building a fort. Rather than make a plain rectangular box-shape fort, challenge them to play with other shapes. Give them a variety of materials to choose from to cover the fort so they can experiment with combining colors and patterns. Once the fort is built, decorating the inside can provide all sorts of opportunities for artistic expression. The artistic process of fort building can open your child’s eyes to interests they never knew they had – like geometry, fashion, or interior decorating.


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Although the Fort Magic Fort Building Kit comes with everything your child will need, and expansion packs are available if you need more parts, your child’s imagination might be bigger than the parts he or she has. However, this type of task parameter can help your child come up with creative design solutions to satisfy their idea, which will be a great skill for them to carry into adulthood.


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The next time your child says they want you to get out the art supplies, reach for a fort building kit instead of the crayons and paint. Your child will enjoy a new and exciting way to explore his or her creative side, and you may discover you have a budding architect or designer on your hands!


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