Great Ideas for 24" Large Craft Paper Fort Building Fun

Posted October 15, 2017 by Fort Magic

Looking for something to do on family night? Are your kids stuck inside when it’s raining with nothing to do? Want to find an activity that can help educate your kids while also letting them have fun? Bring together 24” large craft paper and fort building for endless fun!

Spend some time creating projects out of simple supplies like paper, glue, and scissors. Crafting helps you bond by working together. And it also helps teach your kids the value of discipline and of following directions. Plus, it alolows them to exercise their creativity and imagination. And at the end, you’ll have some great decorations completed to put up around your house or give out to your family and friends!

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A Crafty Fort

And when it comes to crafting, one of the best places to do so is inside a specially-built craft fort. It is space you designate for working on crafts where your kids will feel inspired. Also, it keeps the mess restricted to a single, easy-to-clean area. To build the fort, start by choosing a design to build. Fort Magic’s easy-to-assemble fort-building kit. These sturdy sticks and connectors are used to make a variety of forts. From castles to planes to boats, the sky is the limit! Choose a design with a high enough ceiling that your kids can work comfortably, without bumping into the walls or moving around.


Then, lay down a tarp over the floor before you work with your kids to build the frame of the fort. That way, when they work on crafts inside, there will be an easy way to clean up the remains: simply pick up the tarp and shake the pieces out into the trash. After you have the frame of the fort set up, you can cover it with fabric — using anything from bedsheets to special fabric covers — to create the walls and ceiling, and the craft fort is done! You can fill it with craft supplies that you store inside for easy access.

Wondering what you can make inside? One of the greatest parts about crafting with your kids is that you can let them take the lead on what they want to do — kids’ imaginations are often boundless. You often don’t have to do more than give them a basic idea to get them crafting. But if you’re looking for a few ideas to get started, here are some projects you can do using 24” craft paper. It is a versatile and easy-to-purchase material your kids will love!


Wrapping Paper

It’s easy to cut 24” craft paper to fit pretty much any small package, like a book or a small box of chocolates. You just need to cut a length that will wrap around the entire outside. To make the wrapping paper, have your kids measure out the distance around all four sides of a package (that’s less than two feet wide) and cut the paper to that length.

Then, have your kids get inspired with markers, stamps, and stickers to make the wrapping paper that they desire! They can even cut out shapes from other pieces of craft paper and glue them onto the designated wrapping sheet. Then, you can wrap the paper around the package, taping the ends down, and tie it with twine or ribbon for a great gift that your kids helped contribute to!



It’s easy to make envelopes that your kids can do to write letters to their friends, notes to themselves in the future or invitations to an upcoming birthday party. Start by cutting a length of craft paper and folding it in half lengthwise, then fold the edges inward and glue them together to create the sides of the envelope. Leave a length of paper at the top to create the flap of the envelope. To make this part, just fold down to cover the opening and cut away the corners to make a triangle. You can seal the envelope with stickers, specialized wax stamps or anything else you can think of!



These are fun crafts that also encourage your kids to read. Cut out small rectangles from the craft paper, and have your kids doodle on them or affix stickers to personalize them. You can then use a hole puncher to make a small hole in the top of the bookmark and tie in a ribbon to make a cool accent.


Colorful Walls

Did you consider lining the walls of your crafty fort with craft paper? It can be transformed into wallpaper for kids with all their unique ideas. Flower and leaf designs can make the space intoa greenhouse. Drawings and images of their favorite art turn the space into a gallery. The craft paper can be used to decorate the interior, exterior or both. All it takes is a Fort Magic kit, 24′ large craft paper, art supplies, and plenty of imagination!


How do you use craft paper and fort building to celebrate the creativity in your kids? Share your ideas with us below!





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