Halloween Games and Activities for Kids Include Spooky Fort Building

Posted October 31, 2019 by Fort Magic

Halloween is a fun time for kids as they use their imaginations and turn into their favorite characters for one night. You can use a Fort Magic building kit to bring in some new Halloween traditions this year. Here are some of our ideas for how you can create a spooky, fun day with forts!

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

— Ensure you have enough lighting for kids to find their way around

— Do a final walkthrough to make sure there’s nothing hanging or low lying that can become a tripping hazard

— Make sure weapons are soft, such as plastic or styrofoam

— Keep things age-appropriate to ensure everyone has fun and stays safe!

Halloween games and activities for kids

Haunted House Fort

You can turn any fort design into a spooky Halloween fort by just adding a few elements. You can also make the fort go along with your child’s costume. For example, if your child is dressing up as a princess or a knight, you can make a castle fort.

If your kids are younger, you can leave your fort as is. But, if your kids are older than you can throw in some spooky design elements such as spider webs and fake spiders. You can use your imagination here as your turn your castle into a haunted, abandoned fortress with creaky doors overgrown vines.

When it gets dark out, you can add to the spookiness by telling your favorite haunted tales. Turn off all the lights in the house and use only a flashlight to add to the spook. You can find some great Nightmare-free story options here if you need help coming up with ideas.

Halloween Fort Ideas 1

Create A Haunted Corn  Maze

Another favorite Halloween tradition is a corn maze. First, design your maze layout on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to add in some false walls for your goblins to hide. Next,  grab your Fort Magic kit and build the design you created on paper. With our fabric clips, you can use any material to cover the walls. You can add in some extra details to make it spookier such as:

— Spiders and spider webs

— Plastic bugs

— A witch’s cauldron

— Jack o’ lantern pumpkins with LED candles inside to make them come to life when it’s dark

— Goblins and ghosts

Don’t forget to include elements that appeal to the senses such as music, sounds effects, and strobe lights.

Halloween Fort Ideas 2

Throw A Costume Party

After you’ve created your maze or haunted house, you can host an indoor costume party. Not only is this a safer option for parents but it gets the kids out of the elements. You can move the furniture out of one of the larger rooms in your home to set up all your forts. Kids can have fun exploring all the spooky Halloween forts.

For added fun, you can include everyone’s favorite games such as Frankenstein Bowling. Here’s some more of our favorite spooktacular ideas. Remember, to include Halloween themed refreshments. You can have your kids help out with the treats.  Peek-a-Boo Monsters is a kid favorite or you can make Spooky S’mores.

Halloween Fort Ideas 3

Trick-or-Treat Zone Fort

If you’re going to be handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, you can make it more fun by greeting them in your front yard. Build a  spooky fort in your front yard where you can hand out candy. You can fill it with spooky elements and even strobe lights. You can also coordinate your family’s costumes with your fort design.

Halloween Fort Ideas 4

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