Halloween Haunted House Fort

Posted October 21, 2023 by Fort Magic

One of the best things about the holidays is spending time together as a family creating memories and traditions that we’ll cherish forever.  Sometimes it can be difficult to stop our busy schedules to plan meaningful events that our children are sure to enjoy.  Here at Fort Magic, we make it a goal to inspire fun, easy, and memorable activities for the whole family to connect, create and inspire memories that are sure to live in your children’s hearts for a lifetime.

Building a Halloween Haunted House Fort is just one of those activities and it is so easy to do!

Halloween Haunted House Fort Ideas

Building the Halloween Haunted House Fort

Creating a Halloween Haunted House Fort like the above example is simple to do using your Fort Magic Kit + any one of our Castle Fabric Covers. You may choose any of the 20 castle designs offered in the Fairyland or Dragon Castle building manuals.  Build a 4′ x 4′ x 4′ sleepover castle or create a giant tower design with lookouts and secret tunnels?  You betcha!  Your children will love selecting their favorite castle design from the building manual to decorate for the haunt!

Cover the Fort with Fabric

Next, you will cover the castle framework with the easy-to-use fabric covers, except for the 2D roof.  For this Haunted House Fort, we will create a new castle roof design (you will see the haunted house 2D roof design below!) The beauty of the Fort Magic fabric cover system is the ease with which you can change inspiring fort shapes and themes.  Children love this!  We call our unique fabric system Inventor Play.  Your children can invent or play for hours – it’s up to them!

Halloween Haunted House Fort NightAdd Easy DIY  Halloween Decorations

For this crafting project you will need:

  • Black 24″ Kraft Paper (for creating the 2D roof)
  • 12″ x 12″ Colored Cardstock (for the pumpkins, cat, cauldron, witch, and spiderwebs)
  • Oil Pastels & Chalk
  • 16 x pipe cleaners + 6 x fuzzy balls (to build the creepy, fun hanging spiders)
  • Tempura Paint + Posterboard (to create the spooky clouds)
  • Glue (hot glue or Elmers)
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Halloween reference photos (printed off for use during crafting)

GREAT TIP: It is always best to start with some good reference photos before making the artwork.  It makes drawing Halloween designs much easier than working from your imagination.  It is also great for developing children’s hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness during crafting.  To do this you can do a quick google search for your favorite Halloween ideas such as jack-o-lanterns, flying witch on a broom, black cat, cauldron, spiders and spiderwebs, and spooky night sky.  This will be a fun conversation to spark the imagination of your children and get them excited about their upcoming creations!

Easy DIY Halloween Paper Crafts for KidsNow on to the fun part, creating your Easy DIY Halloween Paper Crafts for decorating!

As always, we made everything for this crafting project easy, easy easy!  We also created several short videos below to show you just how simple it is to bring Halloween MAGIC to your Fort Magic Castle designs.  Just watch the videos and you’ll have all of the information you need to create a Haunted House fort of your own!

This video shows you how to make your paper decorations!

This video will show you how simple it is to create the Easy DIY Spider Decorations!

This video will demonstrate how to light up your fort in the dark with Easy DIY Fort Lights!

Below you will see a photo of how we made our 2D roof for the Halloween Haunted House Fort using our Fort Magic parts!

Haunted House Fort 2D Roof

This video will show you how to cover your 2D roof using 24″ Kraft Paper and the Fort Magic Fabric & Accessory Clips included with your Fort Magic Kit!

Finally, bring the whole event together by setting the mood during crafting with some of your favorite Halloween music!  Be sure to encourage lots of open-ended creativity and experimentation while crafting your family decorations.  You’ll have lots of wonderful art pieces to display on your fort!

Top off this memorable event with an awesome weekend sleepover in your new Halloween Haunted House Fort and you’ve got a recipe for a new memory the whole family will cherish for years to come!  Or, want to turn your Halloween Haunted House Fort into an amazing fort party with friends?  Browse these creative & easy to do  45 Kids Halloween party ideas!

For more exciting fort ideas please follow us on Instagram and our other social media accounts!  We post new ideas and fort pictures daily!

Happy Fort Building!!  🙂