How To Build The Perfect Hideaway Fort For Kids

Posted March 19, 2021 by Fort Magic

With unpredictable weather all across the United States, some days you have to be able to improvise and come up with a new plan of action to keep your kids entertained at home. One day we have sunny skies and good times outside, and then the next day we are stuck with rain. The next time you are stuck with bored kids on a rainy day, bring out the Fort Magic Fort Building Kit. It is sure to provide hours of fun for your kids, and they will forget about the boredom they were once facing. With a Fort Magic Kit, you can create the ultimate hideaway fort in your own home.

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Empowering Your Kids Through Fort Play

When you have the opportunity to teach your children while they are playing, you should always consider that a win. With Fort Magic Building Kits, there is always a teachable moment. You can empower your children, encourage their creative side, teach them leadership and also teamwork, and independent learning all with one kit and all while having fun!

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident. As your children start the process of building forts, they might tend to be a little hesitant or even scared that they will mess up. The more they build the more confident they will become and pretty soon you will not be able to hold them back from building all kinds of forts and hideouts.

The process of empowering your children also brings out their creative side. Fort building can be anything that your mind can think of. Castle and ships, teepees, tunnels, and simple designs are all part of the creative process. How will they decorate their fort? Old bedsheets are perfect as well as old curtains, pillows, scarves, and fabric samples. Your children will come up with all sorts of ideas and you can watch their minds spin out of control with all the creativity.

hideaway fort

Fort Building Is Also a Great Teaching Tool

Fort Building can also teach your kids to work together if you have several kids building at one time. They can plan a design together, then build that design as a team. The next step is covering the fort with different materials and then playing together. If you have kids that constantly seem to fight, this may be a time to bring them together. They will love sharing the fort with a friend.

Only have one child? Fort building is great for teaching independence, also. Your child will have the opportunity to think of a fort they want to build, gather the materials needed, build the fort, and decorate it to their liking. You can step in and help as needed, but for the most part, let your child do the thinking and encourage them they can do it. You may be amazed at what they accomplish with their new independence.

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Hideaway Fort Ideas

Here comes the fun part, the ideas. What kind of fort are you wanting to try to build with your children? They may want to create a hideout, where they can keep their prized possessions safe and a place no one else will enter. They could want a spot to curl up with a good book and drift off into peaceful sleep.

Another idea is the perfect getaway spot from a game of hide-and-seek with the family. A fort can be anything that your mind wants it to be. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, the Fort Magic Kit comes with an instruction manual that includes over 20 designs to get you started.

1. Box and Tunnel

Our first hideaway fort is the simple box and tunnel design. Simply build a big box design fort with the straight sticks included in your kit using the connectors. Then build an entrance with the curves, and you have yourself a simple but effective hideaway fort. Your child may choose to bring a box of their own possessions in there and play the day away unbothered. Maybe a collection of army men, or a box of barbies and clothes. Whatever they decide is sure to be fun.

2. Playhouse

Another great design when it comes to hideaway fort building is a simple playhouse. Your child can find many things to play in the playhouse, but they may enjoy keeping it simple. Once you have the playhouse built, you can throw in some big comfortable blankets and pillows. Giving your child a nice place to relax with a good book and hopefully drift off into a peaceful sleep, full of dreams and ideas for their next fort.

3. Rocket and Spaceship

Is your little one into space and learning about the different planets? Why not surprise them with a rocket or spaceship fort and a little alien for fun? They will love to crawl in with a space book as well as some of their favorite space-themed toys. You could even put a light in the fort that puts stars on the roof of the fort to make them feel like they are in space.

Cover the fort with dark fabric to give it a more realistic approach to space. Hang a few planet cutouts on the wall, and you may not be able to get your space-loving kid out of this fort for awhile.

All of these fort ideas, as well as many more, can be found in the building manual that is included with your Fort Magic Building Kit! Remember the manual is just a guide to get you started. The possibilities for forts are endless, and you can let your mind run wild. We are excited to see what you and your children come up with as far as design and coverings go.

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Our Kits Are For Everyone

Fort Magic Building Kits are loved by educators and parents alike. They are award-winning educational toys that kids will love and ask to play with over and over again. Each kit includes over 350 pieces, a building manual,  and 100 fabric clips. Covers for your fort kit can be bought separately if you desire.

Another great advantage of Fort Magic is as your kids grow, so can their forts. This is a toy that can teach your children, but also grow with them. Forts can get bigger and more creative as your child grows and ages. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to building a hideaway fort now!


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