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As the school year is winding down and you have to make a decision on whether to send your kids back to school or not.  The answer may not be a simple and easy one for most families. Listening to all the lectures and podcasts you can online, reading up on all the books, and wondering if you can teach them all they need to know. It is easy to doubt yourself. But what about if you and your kids could think outside the box? Find a way that works for everyone, while having fun. Magic Building Kits can help you make it happen.

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Do you have some kids who can not sit still? Maybe they would rather be running around playing or building forts? Let them! Kids can learn as they play and you can help them. Encourage them to build a fort while you read a book out loud to them. You may not think they are listening to you but they are. Try picking a book like Tom Sawyer, Magic Tree House, or The Swiss Family Robinson. Any book for their age group will do.

When you have finished the book, ask them questions. Ask what kind of fort the character you were reading about would like? Have them each build a fort for the main and supporting character in each book. They could even reenact a favorite scene from the book and take turns playing each character.

Reading aloud to your kids can help develop their vocabulary, build connections between the spoken and written word, provide enjoyment and strengthen their cognition. So while you read and they play your kids are actually learning without them realizing it.

Increasing Self-Esteem With Forts 2

Physical Activity 

Need a way for your kids to be more active. Build a fort. Fort building can keep them active for hours if you allow it. Have them lay the pieces out they will need and then build their fort. As they are building they are being active. Want to really get them up and moving? Time them and see how fast they can build a fort. Looking for a rainy day physical education activity, then building a fort is the perfect way to burn that energy.

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It does not matter if the project is big or small. Anything that involves measuring is helping your kids with their mathematical skills. Have them measure the area for their fort. Then have them count how many straight pieces they will need, how many curved pieces they will need, how many clips, and how many covers. See if they calculate the right amount. If not they can add or subtract pieces and give you the correct answers while doing so.

They can also practice shapes by making the forts different shapes. Who can build a triangle, a square, a circle? What about a hexagon? Older kids can try more complex shapes while younger kids can do the easier shapes. Building forts is a wonderful way to incorporate both numbers and spatial thinking into what kids consider playtime.

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Looking for ways to incorporate science into a fun activity for the kids while homeschooling. Why not build a lab for the kids to perform a simple science experiment in. Have them build a fun-shaped lab and then set up a small table in there for them to perform their experiments on. If you really want to get into character you can have them wear goggles and little lab coats to play the part.

A simple experiment you could try would be Magic Beans. You will need a wide jar, 1/4 cup vinegar, 3 teaspoons of baking soda, food coloring, and dry beans. Give each kid a jar filled with water. Have them add 4 drops of their favorite food coloring, then add vinegar and baking soda. Drop in the beans and watch them rise and fall.

Some other quick experiments you can do with kids of all ages include making slime, making playdough, or even erupting volcanoes.

Want to talk about space one day? Have your kids build a spaceship made out of their fort kit complete with a side alien. After they have made their space ship have them draw the different planets to hang in the spaceship and add some glow in the dark stars. Then read a book out loud together about space or the different planets, you can even throw in some fun astronaut facts in there.

Kids will love learning about science when you incorporate forts and experiments into science time at home!


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Lunch and Snack Time

Everyone’s favorite time of the day is when we eat. You can use lunch and snack time as a time to teach. Have the kids set up a table and chairs in their fort or they can grab a few pillows and a low table if that is easier.

Have them help you cook and prepare the meal or snack. Throw in some home economics in the learning process. A sandwich, chips, or even pizza and fruit. A quick simple snack like popcorn is always fun and well loved. Something easy the kids can help you make will get them more involved.

While everyone is eating you can discuss the manners that should be used at the table. No elbows on the table, no talking with full mouths, staying off the phone while eating and any other rule your family may have. This is a great time to get in some practice and while making it fun.

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Quiet and Study Time

All kids need a little me time, the younger ones may need a nap while older kids may need a few extra minutes to study the material you have been teaching them. Forts are a great way they can have some uninterrupted time to themselves.

Have them build a fort of their choice and add a few blankets and pillows to make it comfortable. An older child may need to add a small light or string of lights to help them see better. A younger child may want to carry in a favorite stuffed animal. You can set a timer and give them time alone to nap, study and just chill.

The Best Part

The best part about forts is, it is easy and any age can do it. Forts can be built with the Fort Magic Building kit as it comes with all the pieces you will need to get started on your forts. Add in common materials found around the home such as old curtains and sheets and you can make perfect covers for your forts. throw in a few extra pillows blankets and whatever your mind can think of and the kids have a perfect space to learn, play and rest. What will you do when homeschooling your kids with forts? Let us know your ideas!

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