How To Raise Smart Kids Through Play

Posted June 24, 2016 by Fort Magic

Children love to play! What may seem like a rather meaningless activity is actually quite meaningful to kids. In fact, parents should encourage their kids to play in a variety of different ways. All types of play have cognitive advantages, and the more kids engage in playful activities, the more it helps their cognitive development. Read on to take a look at how playing makes kids smarter…and happier!

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A child can improve his or her memory through play. Studies have shown that playing improves a child’s memory and also stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex. Games, fort building, and other playtime activities can help kids learn how to memorize important facts and details. Better memory skills also lead to improved problem-solving skills, which kids can apply to their everyday lives.

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Playing has a major scientific advantage – it can help to grow brain cells. When kids play and explore new places, physiological changes happen in the brain. A substance called BDNF is released. This substance can be crucial for the growth and development of brain cells. In a way, playing can be considered “brain food!”

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Playtime is important at school, too. It can boost your child’s academic achievement. Kids who play at home and at school get the biggest benefits from this time of learning and fun. Studies have shown that when kids are given play breaks at school, they tend to pay closer attention to their academics after playtime or recess. When kids pay better attention to their academics, they will perform better on their assignments and tests. It’s a major win!

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Besides being a kid’s favorite activity, pretending can improve language skills. Who knew it could be so easy?! Scientists have discovered a link between playing that involves pretending and language development. The benefits are increased when children play “let’s pretend” together. Children who engage in pretend play can make significant improvements in their receptive and expressive linguistic skills. This means they better understand what is being said to them as well as what they are saying.

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Playtime also helps to make kids smarter by teaching them how to solve problems creatively. There are two basic types of problems for people to solve. Convergent problems have only one correct solution or answer. Divergent problems have multiple solutions. When kids play, it helps them to develop skills that assist them in solving divergent problems. Kids who engage in play also come up with more creative solutions to those problems. Fort building is a perfect way for kids to learn about problem-solving. They can create their own fort and figure out how to make adjustments along the way. Parents just need to resist the urge to step in!

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Math skills also improve during playtime. Kids can lay the foundation for better math skills before they ever enter a classroom. All they need to do is play with their toys! As children play with blocks or build forts, they develop skills such as spatial reasoning, the accuracy of estimations, and abstract thinking that will help them better understand math in school.

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Learning and intelligence centers around the ability to understand and master new concepts. When children engage in play from a young age, they are setting the foundation for this type of learning. When children play, they learn new concepts and must figure out how to react to them. The next time they encounter the same problem, they will remember how they solved it before. This help them to build the confidence to do it again!

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The unstructured play of yesteryear might have been underestimated. Many adults remember their parents telling them to go play in the yard or in a playroom when they were kids. Those parents had the right idea! Unstructured play is an important part of being a kid, and it also helps in their academic development. Unstructured play helps kids develop both socially and cognitively. They learn how to share as well as solve problems. It also helps to develop creativity. Encourage your child to create his or own fort design and figure out how to make it happen. Imagine how proud your child will feel when it is done!

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Playing sports can also to make kids smarter. Sports teach essential skills, such as teamwork and rule-following. Kids who engage in sports also develop problem-solving and logic skills. Physical activity has been known to affect brain growth and can improve your kids’ test scores. Use a Fort Magic kit to create a cool obstacle course and watch your kids get moving!

If you want to get your kids started on the right track, support their desire to play every day. Fort building encourages them to get their bodies and minds in motion. From problem solving to physical activity and teamwork, your kids are learning every step of the way!


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