How To Create An Indoor Spa-Day Birthday Fort For Kids

Posted February 28, 2019 by Fort Magic

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Who knew you can use a Fort Magic indoor fort to create a fun Spa Day birthday for kids! Here are our ideas to show you how you can use a fort building kit to create a spa day-themed birthday party.

Spa Day Birthday For Kids

Plan Out the Day

Every good day starts with a good plan. Create your plan for the day for what kind of spa treatments you will offer and what kind of special snacks you’ll have. You’ll need to figure out how many guests are coming to your party and determine how much time each guest can spend at each station.

Then, you can create a plan for how many kids will start at each station and when they should rotate. Now that you have a plan, you can ask your friends to help be assistants for each station.

Spa Day Birthday For Kids

Our Ideas for Spa Treatment Stations

You can have a pedicure station with a foot soak and scrub. Next, you can have a nail station where you can choose to get your hands or your feet done. You can also have a hair station where they can get their hair done and a face station to get a facial. These are just some of our ideas and you can come up with ideas that are all your own!

Spa Day Birthday For Kids

Spa Day Birthday For Kids

What Indoor Fort Design Will You Use?

One of the first things you should decide on is which fort will work for your spa day. We suggest the Playhouse design to work as your salon. Get the kids involved in the indoor fort design and creation process with a Fort Magic fort building kit.

The kids can also help decorate the outside of your salon. Brainstorm on the name you want for your spa and then have the kids create a sign to hang on the outside of your fort. You can also have the kids create pricing and service menus to hand out to your guests so they can pick the treatments they want.

Spa Day Birthday For Kids


Spa Day Birthday For Kids


Spa Day Birthday For Kids

Design Spa Day Birthday For Kids Decorations

What are some other decorations you want for your spa day birthday party? Maybe you can create tags for all the snacks or create special signs for the different treatment areas. One idea we like is to have each guest have their own bucket for their foot soak.

You can use a permanent marker to nicely write their name on the outside and then before the birthday party, stuff all of their spa supplies into their buckets. They will use these containers to soak their feet during their pedicures at this amazing spa day birthday for kids.

Spa Day Birthday For Kids Spa Day Birthday For Kids Spa Day Birthday For Kids

What Supplies Do You Need Along With Your Fort Building Kit?

After you find out what kind of treatments you’ll offer, create a list for the supplies you’ll need. You can look online to find easy DIY recipes for facial masks, foot soaks, and bath bombs. You’ll also need supplies such as nail polish, nail files, towels, and flip-flops.

You’ll also want to think through each indoor fort station to figure out what other supplies you need. For example, you can have magazines or even Mad Libs at the pedicure station so the kids have something to do while they get their feet pampered. If you want to have a hair station, you’ll want to look up pictures of different, easy hairstyles and print them off for the kids to select from.

nail-salon-fort-10 spa day birthday for kids nail salon

What Drinks Will You Have for Your Guests?

Every good spa serves up refreshments during your spa day. One of our favorite parts of a spa day is enjoying a cup of the sparkly beverage of choice while you get your toes pampered. You can even create luxurious smoothies that you serve in a wine glass with freshly sliced fruit on the side of the glass.

You can also create kid-friendly mimosas by mixing orange juice with carbonated water or make champagne by serving up apple cider. What are your favorite drinks to get during your spa day birthday for kids?

spa day birthday for kids indoor fort nail-salon-fort-13

Create Spa-Themed Snacks

One of our favorite ideas is to dip marshmallows in colored, melted white chocolate and then pop a tootsie roll on the top to make it look like a bottle of nail polish. Another great idea is to have a jar of small cotton candy balls to look like cotton balls. You can have pudding and label it as “face mask”.

You can work with your child here to get their creativity flowing as you think of spa items and how you can turn them into snacks. The possibilities are endless and you can let your imaginations go wild!

nail-salon-fort-16 nail-salon-fort-17

Make Spa-Themed Souvenirs

Everyone loves to take home birthday party favors. You can create stations where the kids can make their souvenirs to take home. These in-between stations are a great way to take up the time between stations as their nails dry.

You can have the kids create DIY bath bombs by adding a few ingredients together and then pressing into molds. Another idea we love is to create their own lip gloss by adding Kool-Aid to some coconut oil and then pouring into lip gloss containers.

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