How To Create Magical Family Memories With Fort Making Kits

Posted January 26, 2019 by Fort Magic

Are you looking for ways to make family time simple and fun? Here at Fort Magic, we believe that family is very important, and we want to help you build magical family memories with your kids. We’ve come up with some great ideas to help you get started on family time with one of our fort-making kits!

5 Steps to Creating Magical Family Memories With Fort Magic

1. Your Best Memories Are Spending Time Together

In our busy lives, sometimes it can be hard to bring the family together for quality time. Luckily, there are so many easy ways you can use a Fort Magic building kit to schedule that time together. If you want to create lasting memories that will make your family smile for years to come, then think about starting some new traditions with Fort Magic! We have a few great ideas that both kids and parents will love.


2. Have a Family Dinner In Your Fort

This is one meal your kids will for sure be excited for! Once or twice a month, you can take family dinner to the fort. Be sure to choose a design from your manual that’s big enough, or maybe even create something new!

To make dinner in your fort simple, one option is to set up a small table inside your fort. If you don’t have a small table available, another option is to set up dinner picnic-style, on a blanket. In this case, you could put a larger table outside of your fort to set the food on and then pass the dishes around to your family as you all sit together, sharing stories and enjoying quality time.


3. Host a Family Game Night In Your Fort

Having a family game night is another great way to bring the family together. Schedule it on the same day every week or month to make sure it’s a priority. If you have younger kids, then they can get excited for game night as they help build the fort!

Game nights are a great opportunity to spend quality time together without the distraction of a tv. It also creates an opportunity to just have good, old-fashioned conversation and discuss what’s going on in your family’s lives.


4. Family Movie Night in Your Fort

Family movie nights are something that kids really look forward to. Add to that excitement with the joy of getting to have it in a fort and you’ll blow their minds! You can build your fort with an open front to view the tv (be sure to set it up with comfy pillows and soft blankets). You can even stock your fort with lots of movie essentials – such as popcorn, drinks, and other treats that your family loves!


5. Make Family Time a Priority by Scheduling It

Have you tried instituting a family night in the past but had a hard time keeping it going? Even the best ideas can fall through without proper planning. An important part of keeping up with family time is to make it a routine.

Once you have a few ideas that your whole family loves, take a look at your calendar. Is there one day per week or per month that works best for everyone? Make sure to write it on the calendar so that everyone knows and can look forward to it. Once you can plan out a schedule that is easy and stress-free for you and your family, you can create a tradition that will last for years to come!

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