How To Create The Perfect Sleepover Fort

Posted November 11, 2018 by Fort Magic

When you were little, did you love the thrill of sleeping in a fort? When you’re a kid, there’s just something magical about sleeping in a fort you made, or on the deck, or even out on the trampoline! Here are some ideas to help you get started on creating the perfect fort for your children’s sleepovers:

Gather Your Materials

To start, gather all your materials. You will want the Fort Magic building kit, of course, along with some blankets and pillows. Then, see what the kids think. Do they want flashlights to be able to read? Snacks for those hungry tummies before bed? Let them decide what a fort needs!

One of the most popular features of our kits are the fabric clips. You can use these clips to turn any material into a beautiful, colorful fort. If you’re having a hard time finding material, you can even borrow the sheets off the kids’ beds, since these clips won’t damage the fabric.


Pick Your Location for Your Sleepover Fort

The big question is, where will you build your fort? For some reason, kids like the thrill of sleeping in new places. If it’s warm enough, you can build their fort in the backyard. Just make sure you put down a tarp to keep out the bugs.

If it’s too cold to build your fort outside, you can build it in the garage or in the living room. You can also build it on the covered deck and just put a space heater in it. You will be surprised at how warm it is and the kids will love the thrill of sleeping outside. You can even add a strand of battery powered LED lights for some light to read bedtime books or tell your own made up tales.


Get to Work Building

Next, comes the fun part! What do you want your sleepover fort to look like? You can use one of our many designs or even create something all your own. For your sleepover fort, we recommend the tent, the playhouse, and the teepee build designs. If you are feeling ambitious, consider the Castle or Villa design. They will give your fort that fairytale feel (and provide lots of sleeping space if you are having guests for your sleepover).


Any of these designs can be made with just one kit. After you are done, toss in your pillows, blankets, bean bags, and anything else you need to make it feel cozy. You’ll want your fort to have all the proper amenities to ensure your guests have the sleepover of a lifetime!


Enjoy Your Sleepover

Now, you get to make the memories. Turn off all the lights and read stories to one another with only a flashlight. Or, make up your own stories. Kids love hearing stories and it’s a great time to delve into your inner creative self or your goofy side that likes to tell stories with all different voices for each character. This would also be a good time to dive into the snacks you stocked your fort with *wink*.


You Will Love the Easy Clean Up

After a night of making fun memories, clean up is super easy. Simply twist and pull to break down your fort walls and put all the pieces back into your box or storage bag. One moment your fort takes over half the living room – and the next moment, it all fits into a small bag that slides under your bed!


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