How To Have The Best New Year's Eve Party At Home With Kids

Posted December 3, 2019 by Fort Magic

Bringing in a new year is a fun, exciting time for everyone. Just because you’re staying home with your kids doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. Fort Magic has put together some ideas to make your New Year’s Eve party fun for all ages.

Best New Years Even Party Ideas With Kids At Home

1. Make It A Pizza Party

Everyone loves pizza. What can be more fun than having pizza delivered and getting to eat it in your fort. It’s also a great way to make the evening less stressful if you want a more relaxed night. You won’t have to worry about cooking and clean up will be minimal. 

If you don’t mind the work then you can have a pizza station where everyone gets to make their own mini pizzas. Set out a table with all the toppings and have everyone make their own pizzas. You can also get creative and make pizza dough appetizers in the shape of the year.

Magical Forts With Lights 2

2. Include Sparkly Apple Cider for the Kids

You can make ordinary sparkling cider more fun for the kids by setting out champagne flutes with little balls of cotton candy on the bottom. When you pour the bubbly for the kids, it’ll melt the cotton candy. If you’re going to have an adult beverage bar you can make a beverage bar for the kids too.

You can include the “champagne” glasses, toppings for hot cocoa, and even apple cider. Another fun idea is to set out small glasses of milk with sprinkle rims to make it fancier for the kids. Some other fun ideas for the kids include gummy bear mocktails, gummy worm punch, and unicorn punch. 

3. Make A Fun Snacks Fort for New Years Eve

Get together with your kids and come up with some fun snacks for New Year’s Eve. The kids will have fun getting to come up with ideas. It’s also a great way to spend time with them as you work together to make the snacks. You can make cupcakes with glittery frosting, sugar cookies with confetti sprinkles, sparkle marshmallows on sticks, and a chocolate bar with all the different items to dip in the chocolate. 

Set up a station inside of your fort to put all the food. You can have the kids make some festive decorations to go inside of the fort and on the tables around the food. String some rope lights on the inside to make it more magical and to help people see the food. Magical Forts With Lights 4

4. Build Your Fort Around the TV

You can build your fort around the tv so that everyone can gather inside of the fort to watch the count down. There’s something magical for all ages about getting to watch tv inside of your fort. You can decorate the inside of your fort with some colored LED lights and some other fun lighting. 

Include lots of blankets and pillows to make the fort comfortable for everyone. If you have bean bags, those also make comfortable chairs. After it becomes the new year, everyone can sit in a circle on the floor of your fort and take turns talking about their new year’s resolutions. You can even print off some fun cards so that everyone can write theirs down.

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5. Put Together Fun Crafts for Kids For New Year’s

If you want to entertain the kids so the adults can hang out, you can also create a craft fort. This is something that you can have fun building with your own kids beforehand. Use a bigger fort such as the Play House design. Create a list of all the craft ideas you have in mind and then have your kids pick out a few that they think will be fun for everyone. Some fun crafts include DIY party poppers, party hats, and necklaces.

Make sure you include crafts for a variety of ages depending on who will be there for your New Year’s Eve party. Set up tables inside of your fort to put supplies on and also so the kids have a place to sit and craft. You can also create ziploc bags with a print off of the instructions on the outside and all the supplies they’ll need on the inside. This will make it more of an independent thing they can while the adults are hanging out. 

6. Create A Dance Party Fort

Another fun idea for everyone is to make a dance party fort. Cover it in thick white fabric and set up black lights inside. You can get some disco balls going and even put splashes of glow in the dark paint on the inside.

Set up a basket with glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces and other fun black light activated items on the outside of the fort for people to grab. Make sure you build the fort on a hard surface or carpet area so people don’t trip while they’re dancing.

You can appoint one of your kids to be the DJ. Prepare ahead by creating a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs to play during your party. If you’ve built your fort around the tv and have a gaming console, you can also have fun in your dance fort playing a dancing game.

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