How to Increase A Love Of Learning With Fort Building

Posted August 15, 2018 by Fort Magic

When parents and teachers make learning fun, kids look at education differently. Rather than dreading it, they are eager to experience and learn new things. Step away from the books and put their knowledge to practical use with fort building. And watch them learn new skills as they exercise their creativity and have a great time together!

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Developing a Plan

Whether kids are planning for a successful school year or building a fort, having a plan is essential to achieve their goals. Fort building requires a plan. What type of fort will it be and how can they make it happen? Which materials will they use? Who will take care of specific tasks? All of these planning activities help kids learn to establish goals and successfully carry out a plan.

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Problem Solving

Parents often get the urge to swoop in and help when kids are struggling with a problem. But letting them figure it out on their own teaches essential problem-solving skills. There are sure to be issues that arise as they plan and build a fort. Working them out is another way to learn practical skills they will need in every aspect of their future lives.

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Working Together as a Team

Teamwork is another crucial skill for kids to learn. It takes a team to build a fort that meets or exceeds their wildest imaginations. Sometimes there will be disagreements to work out. Try to let the kids do it on their own unless it gets heated and requires intervention. Resolving conflict and solving problems helps kids become better team members at school, sports, and into their adult lives.

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Creativity Builds Confidence

Kids have incredible imaginations. With a Fort Magic kit, if they can dream it, they can build it. Let their creativity explode as they build amazing forts for all purposes. From a reading fort to a castle, they get a boost of confidence when their creations come to life. And they learn how to be patient as they bring their vision to reality.

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STEM Skills and Fort Building

All of the above skills and more, which are used during fort building, also improve kids’ STEM skills. They learn about measuring, engineering, and more when they plan and built a fort. Younger children learn about spatial awareness. And fort building also shows them science, technology, engineering, and math are all more fun than they thought!

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Strong Bodies, Strong Minds

Fort building also requires kids to move around rather than sitting in front of an illuminated screen. They need to get the materials, reach and stretch to build the fort, and lift objects. Take it up a notch by suggesting an obstacle course fort. All of this activity helps to build strong bodies and minds!

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Fort building is a wonderful way to get kids to realize learning is fun. As they work and laugh together, they learn about planning, teamwork, STEM, and so much more. And they make magical memories they will relive for years to come!

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How do you use fort building to increase your kids love of learning? What ideas do you have that help kids learn essential skills for school and life? Share your ideas with us below!

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