Create Your Own Fort Magic Fabric Covers!



Children Love The Creativity Fort Magic Fabric Covers Bring To Their Play!

Follow these easy-to-use fabric covering instructions to learn how to create customized Fort Magic Fabric Covers for your forts! Also included are tips on purchasing, measuring, labeling & cutting your fabric, as well as the downloadable ‘How To Create Fort Magic Fabric Covers’ PDF.

You’ll love bringing your Fort Magic Designs to life with colorful, customized covers for play!



How To Create Fort Magic Fabric Covers:

1. Select The Fabric You Would Like To Purchase From A Fabric Store Like JoAnne’s Fabrics.

It is very beneficial to call ahead and ask about coupons and sale dates as JoAnne’s very often has sales of 30-50% off. For our Fabric Patterns, you will want to select fabric that is 58” wide. These are our favorite selections from JoAnne’s:

a) “ Sew Classics” Jet Set Knit (100% Polyester), 58” Width



b) “ Sew Classics” Knit Interlock (40% Polyester, 60% Cotton), 58” Width


2. Measure And Mark Your Fabric According To The Fabric Pattern.

You will want to mark your measurements on the fabric as you go, so your lines are straight and measured accurately.



3. BEFORE CUTTING – Label The Pieces Of Fabric You Measured For Wrapping.

If you do not label now there is a risk you will not remember where the pieces go on your fort. Use your Sharpie marker to write the name of each fabric piece you measured near the edge. The names are listed on your Fabric Pattern for your convenience.


4. Cut Your Pieces Out.


5. “Special Shapes” Instructions.

Sometimes, you will need to build a section of your fort first, to get an easy and accurate measurement. You will need to do this for shapes like round windows, arched doorways, and curved walls.

1. Lay Down Your Fort Piece.


2. Measure 3” From The Frame With Your Measuring Tape.


3. Mark Your Fabric As You Go.


4. Cut It Out.


5. Remember To Label Your Pieces!


6. Wrap Your Fort Using The Fabric Clips!