How to Make Fabric Forts with Your Fort Magic Kit

Posted June 22, 2020 by Fort Magic

One of the most popular features of our Fort Magic building kits is the fabric clips. These make it so you can use everyday items found in your house to make your fort. Follow these simple steps put together by our Fort Magic team to help you get started on your fabric forts.

Types of Materials You Can Use

The fabric clips are easy to use. Just hold the fabric in place and snap the clip onto the stick. You can get your kids involved in the creative process by seeing what ideas they have for covers. Here are some of our ideas to help you out.

1. Old Curtains

If you have some curtains in your giveaway pile then you can use them to cover your fort. If you have sheer curtains then you can make your fort feel more magical. We like to combine a few strings of lights with sheer fabric to give it a more magical feel.

2. Sheets

Our clips don’t harm the fabric in any way. You can use old sheets that you no longer use. If you don’t have any old sheets then you can also use the sheets right off your bed. Flat sheets work best but since the fabric clips snap firmly into place you can also use the clips to stretch out a fitted sheet over your fort.

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3. Towels

If you’re having a hard time finding fabric then you can even use towels! If you’re building your fort outside during the summer, you can even use your fort walls to help dry off after playing in the sprinkler or pool. Towels also make a great, thick cover if you’re wanting your fort to be dark inside.

4. Christmas Garland

You can string some Christmas garland around your fort. Simply hold the garland in place then attach it to the sticks using fabric clips. You can add some festive touches to your fort or even cover your fort entirely with it!

5. Scarves

One of our favorite things to use when covering forts is play scarves. They are versatile, colorful, and encourage play. They are easy to attach to each panel of your fort using the fabric clips. You can give your kids the leftover scarves to play with inside their fort.

6. Old Clothes

You can also use your old t-shirts from your giveaway pile and attach them to your fort. You can either sew them together for one big covering or use a different shirt for each panel of the fort.


7. Tablecloths

Tablecloths make great covers because they are big. Most tablecloths are thicker and will create a darker fort if you’re wanting to have a sleepover. You can eat dinner then afterwards take the tablecloth right off the table to build your fort!

8. Painters Drop Cloth

Drop cloths make great fort covers because they are so big. You can cut up the drop cloth to match the panel size of the fort design you’re building. You can also put out some paint and paintbrushes and encourage your kids to add their own personal touches to the fort by painting the walls.

9. Fabric Scraps

If you want your fort to be colorful you can use all your fabric scraps. If they aren’t big enough to cover each panel you can quickly sew them together.


Benefits of Using A Fort Magic Building Kit

Our Fort Magic building kits are a popular choice for educators and parents that want to help children learn. If you’re considering one for yourself then check out these great benefits.

1. Create Many Different Forts with 1 Kit

We include a 24-page building manual with each kit to help you get started in building forts. Each manual has 16 different building ideas. After you get a feel for building forts, you can create any design you can come up with using just 1 building kit.

One day, your kids can build a castle and then within a few minutes use the same supplies to build a teepee. Your options are endless and the building kit encourages innovation and creative thinking.

2. Easy to Use

It’s easy to snap the sticks into the connectors by pushing in and then twisting. The fabric clips easily snap right onto the sticks and are easy to remove. The building manual tells you the exact supplies you’ll need for each fort design. You can set these pieces out and then let your kids learn by snapping the pieces together to create something.


3. Easy to Store

If space is limited for you then you’ll love how easy the fort building kit is to store. You can create a large play house fort and then in a few minutes have it all broken down and in a small bag. You can easily store the bag in a closet, under a bed, or next to a bookshelf.

4. Teaches Kids STEAM Skills

Building a fort is a great way to teach kids Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. They get to use hands-on learning and learn cooperative play. There’s no right or wrong way to build a fort and if they try something that doesn’t work then they just pull that piece out and try something out.

If you sit back and let them learn on their own, then they’ll soon have the confidence to try more complicated structures. Letting them create something will help them to feel empowered and confident enough to go out into the world and become successful.

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