How to Make Fun Summer Memories With an Outdoor Fort

Posted August 26, 2017 by Fort Magic

It’s the end of summer: the sun is beating down, the days are long, and you’ll do everything you can to make the kids happy. Turn off the television and electronics because summer is the perfect time for outdoor fun. Exploring and adventures are a must! An outdoor fort inspires kids to create summer games. When the sun gets hot, they have a shady place to read, color, play games, and laugh. All it takes is a Fort Magic kit and lots of creativity.

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Let’s Get Started!

In an instant, a fort can change from a royal castle to a distant seaside cave, a barn full of farm animals to a hut on a desert island. The ideas are endless. Everyone is having such a good time and it takes almost no time to set up!

An outdoor fort gives kids the opportunity to play outside, regardless of what the summer weather brings. The summer heat and rain won’t interrupt their flow of creativity and play. Add toys and furniture under the protective walls of the fort. Kids have a playhouse where summer memories are made.

Let your children exercise their imaginations and bodies. Try not to micro-manage the process. The goal is for them to create a fort that fits the outdoor space and their mindset. It is amazing to see what they create. Once the fort is ready, let the playtime begin!

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Picnics and Lemonade

Forts are ideal places to have a picnic without having unwanted visitors, such as mosquitoes and flies. Once your fort is set up, the whole family can spend some time underneath it for a lunchtime picnic.

Do your kids like to dine out? Your kids can start their own playtime restaurant! Talk to them about healthy foods when they plan the day’s menu. Discuss the four food groups and how they can be included in the meal. Help them learn to prepare easy meals, such as salads and sandwiches.

Encourage your kids to learn how to be entrepreneurs and build a lemonade stand fort. Teach the kids about making tasty lemonade people want to buy and managing money. Discuss the importance of charity and using some of the profits to support an organization of their choice.

Exploring Art With Forts 3Family Memories

Turn an outdoor fort into a family-friendly environment. Listen to music, play board games, have storytelling contests, read to each other, and put on family plays. Spend a night under the stars telling ghost stories and pointing out constellations.

No matter what you do, you’re spending time together during the lazy days and nights of summer. Fill those long days with activities, games, and fort building. Everyone will treasure those carefree moments when the kids go back to school!

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Backyard Summer Camp

Are you and your kids looking for summer camp without traveling very far? Create an outdoor summer camp in the backyard! Choose a fort design that works well for multiple activities. Have a craft corner, a library area, and a place to play games.

During the day, schedule camp activities and invite their friends to join in. Go on a backyard scavenger hunt and use the items to create summery crafts. Summer camp offers endless learning opportunities while the kids enjoy summer. And at night they can camp out under the stars. Add a few cozy cushions and sleeping bags for total relaxation.

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What About a Treehouse?

Most kids want to build a treehouse. But if you’re concerned about the risks of a major project, creating an outdoor fort is a perfect alternative.You don’t even need a tree or tools to do it! Kids get the same feeling of accomplishment from building a unique place for themselves. And they have an escape zone where they can create a kid-friendly world.

Any space can become an outdoor fort that does double duty as a treehouse. Even if you have limited room, a fort can be built to fit almost anywhere. Transform a deck, patio, or a small patch of yard into a place for kids to gather in their treehouse fort. If you don’t have trees, get an inflatable palm tree to create a beach-themed treehouse. Leis and grass skirts add a tropical vibe!

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The Joy of Summer Reading

Reading during the summer keeps your kids entertained. Plus, it keeps their minds ready for going back to school. There are many benefits of summer reading. Set up a reading nook in their outdoor fort. Include pillows for lounging and summer-themed books for kids. Add a few classics to make history a friendly topic. Share a storytelling hour before bedtime. Kids can talk about their favorite part of a story and why they like it.

Encourage kids to write by having brainstorming sessions. The topics can be lighthearted and approachable. While the kids are giggling, they are also exercising their writing skills. They won’t even realize they’re learning!

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Outdoor forts are an excellent way to encourage kids to leave electronics behind and enjoy the great outdoors. Make the most of the end of summer by building forts and making wonderful memories!

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What types of outdoor forts do you build and how do your kids use them? What are your favorite summer fort building memories? Share your ideas and thoughts below!

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