How To Use PAPER To Cover Your Fort Magic Fort!

Posted March 6, 2013 by Fort Magic

How To Use PAPER To Cover Your Fort!

A Creative Tip On Another Fun Way To Cover Forts…From Mom, Jennifer!

Sheets and fabric are not the only way to cover a fort!  You can also use paper to wrap your designs for fun!  Clever mom, Jennifer, shares her tips on how she and her children wrapped their super-creative fort designs in paper!  Thank you for sharing!  Enjoy!


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Creative and Easy Wrapping for Kids!

“Best toy ever! Fort Magic is a toy that your kids can use their imagination, creativity, and even problem solve…for hours. Not only can the kids create with the sticks and connectors… they can even be creative in how they wrap and add to their structures. We opened our kit around Christmas time…so there were scraps of Christmas paper left over. The kids built the pirate ship first and attached a large piece of wrapping paper as their sail. They had a blast decorating with the other scraps of smaller Christmas paper too. For Valentine’s Day we decided to use Red Bulletin board paper (that we use to make red hearts for our walls for Valentine’s Day.) The kids were so excited to decorate the fort inside and out. The kids wanted heart shaped windows and we even added a heart shaped skylight too! That they loved to stand on a chair and peek through. We also added more hearts in the fort. The Clips were so easy to use and worked well with the paper! I was really happy they could hold the paper and didn’t rip. For St. Patty’s day we decided to use paper again to make a rainbow, clouds, and a mountain for the leprechauns. This time we used a heavy card stock paper for the rainbow…and the kids could still snap the pieces right on! Thanks Fort Magic for keeping my kids entertained for HOURS of endless possibilities!”
Mom, Jennifer