How To Wrap Forts Using Fabric Clips!


With These Great Tips, Wrapping Your Fort Magic Designs With Custom Covers Is A Breeze!

Follow these easy-to-use wrapping instructions to learn how to quickly attach Fort Magic Covers using your Fabric Clips!

Also included is the downloadable Fort Magic ‘How to Wrap Your Fort’ PDF.

You’ll love bringing your Fort Magic designs to life by wrapping your forts with colorful, perfectly fitting, personalized covers for play! It’s one of the coolest parts of the Fort Magic fort building kit! The ability to create and attach a custom fitting cover to any shape or design you create with no sewing…using the Fabric Clips!


How To Wrap Your Forts:

1. Center Your Side/Wall Fabric Piece With Its Corresponding Area On The Fort.


Then, Clip The Edges Of The Fabric To The Top Of Your Fort Only.


NOTE: Clipping at the edges of your fabric is important as you will need the excess material to roll around your sticks. BUT, do not roll the fabric around the sticks until you are instructed.

2. Center Your Roof Piece And Attach The Edges Of The Fabric Together
With The Clips.
You will clip the two edges of fabric together when they meet on a stick.


3. Clip Together The Edges Of The Fabric Pieces On The Side Of Your Fort.


4. Clip The Edges Of The Fabric Pieces At The Archway Doors Or Windows.


5. Roll The Fabric Clips Around The Sticks Evenly On All Sides To Tighten The
Fabric Around Your Fort.
NOTE: You will clip and roll the fabric on the bottom of the fort last.


6. At The Bottom Of Your Fort, Tuck The Fabric Under Your Fort Framework. Clip The Edges Of The Fabric. Roll The Clips And Fabric Until The Fabric Is Pulled Smooth.


7. Play!