An Igloo Fort in Spring - Creative Ideas For Kids

Posted April 6, 2016 by Fort Magic

Brrrr! Just when the thought of winter cold lay behind us, here we are talking about snow again! But, hasn’t everyone wanted to live in an igloo at one time or another? I see all the kids have raised their hands. So, grab the Fort Magic kit and let’s get to imagining igloo fort-creative ideas for kids.


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Igloo Fort 1


Say “igloo” and a familiar picture pops into most of our minds. Fort Magic sticks and connectors can bring that vision alive. But, let’s think outside the dome for a moment. Brainstorm what the shape the igloo should be for your family. You need the kids for this one. Should it be a rectangle? A hexagon? Imagination is your only limit. For an inspirational spark, visit Fort Magic designs.


Igloo Fort 2


Now, how do you plan to make snowy, iced walls? If snowflakes cover the ground, you could build outside. But, snow is sometimes scarce in April. Let’s get creative inside. Milk jug igloo walls recycle milk jugs with the help of hot glue (parental assistance please) for a striking 3D effect. Rolls of snow from a craft or fabric store layer the Fort Magic frame in dreamy white. Of course, a white sheet works just as well when children’s imaginations are involved.


Igloo Fort 3

Igloo Fort 4


With the igloo built, kids can learn and explore. What exists around the igloo? Shoe boxes covered in white butcher paper transform into ice blocks. Raiding the endless stuffed animals may turn up polar bears and penguins. An ice fishing spot complete with fish-shaped crackers and poles tied with string for lines adds to authenticity and fun.


Igloo Fort 5


Do not forget the Northern Lights! Check out video links online and craft an indoor version of this brilliant spectacle. Use colored twinkle lights wrapped in gauzy fabric or layered behind the family room sheers. Spend time online with the kids learning about this natural phenomenon.

Remember, play is the ultimate way for young children to learn!


Igloo Fort 6

Igloo Fort 7


Finally, do not forget about the igloo’s interior. Create a fire for warmth with bold red, bright orange and blazing yellow tissue paper flames and battery-operated tea lights. Throw in cozy pillows and fuzzy blankets, preferably in an animal print if they are lying around the house. Eskimos need to stay warm on those chilly nights.


Igloo Fort 8


While the adventure of creation holds much fun, the imaginative play now ensues. Books and websites created for young minds that teach about igloos, people, and animals living in this habitat fascinate children with science and cultural understanding. This lesson will also spark the imagination for more adventure in your family’s Fort Magic igloo.



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