Imaginative Play for Children With Fort Building Kits

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Often we think of imagination and creativity as it ties to art, music, and dance. But, the truth reveals that there is more to the imagination than this definition entails. In fact, imagination and creativity benefit everyone. Without the power of imagination, our problem-solving skills and innovative thinking suffer. And, this fact holds true whether we are a painter, chemist or architect. How do we begin igniting the imaginations of children with fort building kits? Consider a child’s love of fort building and an expert’s understanding of the value of imagination and creativity.

Imaginative Play for Children With Fort Building KitsCan you fathom where we would be if Henry Ford could not imagine a model of a car beyond what had already been dreamed up? What if the Wright Brothers could not envision beyond the first crashed plane? Indeed, our lives would move at a different pace. With this in mind, inspiring imagination (and giving it a chance to ignite in our children) proves essential during childhood years. If we desire to raise children to be thinking, problem-solving, innovative adults, we must break out the opportunities to imagine and create. And, you may be pleasantly surprised at how easy this is to accomplish.

Igniting the imaginations of children with fort building proves as simple as unpacking the kit. Yes, Fort Magic fort building kits spark the minds of the young and old. But, let’s reserve this activity for our kids first. Fort building kits give children the freedom to explore the world without our parental control. They can think about and see life through their eyes. It encourages them to use their personal resources in unconventional ways. Kids can simply create without being judged or graded. They learn how to effectively solve problems as they arise with the resources available. Plus, they can write their ending to the story of the fort as we experiment, try, and test their ideas. So, how exactly does a fort building kit accomplish all of these things? These seemingly random, lifeless sticks and connectors open a world of possibility as a child imagines all that comes to life through them. Too abstract a thought? Let’s look at concrete examples of how make believe play through fort building fosters imagination.2 Exploring-architecture-through-fortsFor example, role-playing offers plenty of opportunities to escape the routine of the day and explore ideas. Also, stress releases and laughter roars as children explore being someone else. Dress up allows and adds to this activity. And, what better place to pursue these activities than in forts created from the minds of children. Animal role-play comes alive in a childhood game of At the Zoo. Children can experiment with sound and movement as they become an animal for a day or an hour or whatever fits their fancy. Grab costume props for authenticity. And, the Fort Magic kit can transform into a zoo habitat, a bear den or a caterpillar cocoon.

Bus-shaped forts, school-themed designs or submarine-inspired creations allow children the freedom to explore occupational roles. Life as a bus driver, a teacher, an underwater rescue diver and more come alive with fort building. And what did we say about adults? Yes, fort building also sparks adult imaginations. One of the greatest ways to inspire this quality in your kids proves to be by example. Joining them at times, alongside that pile of Fort Magic sticks and connectors and arcs, allows them to see your creative side and builds your relationship with them. Also, entering a child’s world speaks volumes of their value to you as opposed to always tugging them along in yours.

Imagination-building fort ideas for families can include rearranging the family roles. Spend time in a house or cabin fort in the woods to play and act according to your parts. Children get to live out their ideas of family and add characters at will. Reading together boosts educational qualities across the board. But, adding it to the safe space of a fort opens new opportunities. Find new tales not told in your home before and read them as a family. Break periodically to discuss what might happen next or how your family would write the end of the story. Then, read on to discover the author’s take. You can also weave stories not told in books. For inspiration, use the fort design to spark a story theme. Or, have each family member bring a found object to the fort as tale inspiration. Take turns adding to the story for creative twists and the need for quick thinking.

6 Exploring-architecture-with-fortsNow a caution: Be sure to engage with your children in the idea process. Hold back some of your thoughts and even a few solutions. Develop a partnership in designing, creating, constructing, playing and imagining. Include praise and encouragement. And, remember, laughter enhances memory and learning. So, throw plenty of that in too! What imaginary games do you play with your family and forts? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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