Imagine & Create With Indoor Fort Building Kits For Kids

Posted September 16, 2020 by Fort Magic

On days with bad weather, it can be a challenge finding ways to keep your kids entertained. And, while everyone loves building forts, not everyone loves their furniture rearranged to accommodate fort building. Yet this is a great way to encourage imagination through indoor fort building with our kits for kids and any age of the child.

imagination through fort building

With Fort Magic building kits, rainy days inside are no longer an issue. Your children can use their imagination and creativity to build a unique fort that doesn’t require tearing apart the living room. The lasting fun and educational benefits of Fort Magic’s building kits are sure to be a hit with children and parents alike.

imagination through fort building

Get Creative with Indoor Forts

With Fort Magic’s building kits, your standard fort can be turned into something magical. Below are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. See what magical designs your children come up with along the way.

1. Art Studio

For the artistic child in your life, his or her fort can become a personal art studio. Start by building a fort that is conducive for putting a small table and chairs on the inside. Then simply add their favorite art supplies like paint, crayons, chalk, and colored pencils.

Use the Fort Magic fabric clips to hang artwork all around the “art studio” to display their work and creativity. Adding a tarp or an old sheet under the table and chairs can make cleaning up a breeze.

imagination through fort building

2. Reading Nook

For the bookworm in the family, create a private reading nook. Build the structure they desire and fill it with comfortable spots to read like bean bag chairs, blankets, and pillows.

For extra privacy and fewer distractions, make walls by hanging up old sheets or towels. Lastly, stock your nook with a small lamp, battery-operated lantern, or flashlight for extra light while reading.

imagination through fort building

3. Other Fun Ideas

For those with a great imagination, their indoor fort can be a castle, bear cave, rocketship, military bunker, or even an elegant spot for a tea party. With a Fort Magic building kit and a little imagination, their structure can be turned into anything they want.

Simply help your child gather supplies and then step back and allow them to get as creative as possible. You will be amazed watching their imagination come alive!

imagination through fort building

Benefits of Creative and Imaginative Play

Fostering your child’s imagination and creativity, especially through playtime, can have endless benefits. These include:

1. Enabling Creativity

Children are able to role-play and act out scenarios, especially those that they may be unable to do in “real life.”

imagination through fort building

2. Developing Language and Social Skills

Working with others like friends, siblings, and even parents create a situation where communication must occur. Children are forced to collaborate and share what they want to build or how they want to build their fort.

A project like this can highlight differences among individuals and can show that thinking differently or doing things differently is not wrong. It can also create a stronger friendship or bond with those your children are working with.

3. Self-Regulating and Problem Solving Skills

When their structure doesn’t turn out exactly how they imagined it, some children may have a difficult time. However, this provides an excellent opportunity for them to practice self-regulation. They must learn to emotionally be OK with the outcome and understand how to manage these feelings. Over time, managing their feelings can build confidence in themselves.

On the other hand, when it doesn’t turn out as desired, they must also learn to troubleshoot and get creative with solutions. Problem-solving could mean compromising with those they are working with and expressing how they feel about a certain situation. They must learn to listen to each other and understand that it is fine to express different emotions and different opinions.

imagination through fort building

4. Encouraging Positive Behavior

With imaginative play also comes the chance to recognize and applaud their efforts and how well they work with others. It can also be a chance to call out and correct poor behavior.

5. Physical Development

When it comes to creativity and imagination play, like through fort-building, physical development is also positively impacted. Things like gross motor skills, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and even balance are all practiced and, in some cases, perfected. Having these can have an impact on your child’s everyday life in situations like brushing his or her teeth, catching a baseball, and even getting dressed.

imagination through fort building

6. Intellectual and Cognitive Development

This type of play will also impact thinking skills. This may include areas like problem-solving, concentration, critical thinking, and imagination.

Using different materials and tools will allow them to discover new techniques and obtain a greater understanding of the world around them. They will also establish many STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematic) skills that will carry them well into adulthood.

7. General Wellbeing

Lastly, this type of play is excellent for the wellbeing of your children. With busy schedules, it can provide great stress relief, as well as an opportunity to bond and ultimately create lasting memories.

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