Indoor Fort Building Ideas For Kids

Posted February 20, 2020 by Fort Magic

If you’re getting tired of being cooped up in the house with bored, rambunctious kids then Fort Magic is here to help! Our fort building kits provide your kids with an endless amount of adventure and imaginary play. Here are some of our favorite indoor fort building ideas to keep your kids entertained this winter.

indoor fort building ideas

1. Explore the Deep Seas with A Submarine Fort

You can combine this with something educational such as learning about deep-sea life. If your kids are older, you can use paper mache to create a Giant Squid with paper streamers as the legs. Or, they can learn about the historic Titanic and how Robert Ballard first discovered its ruins in a submarine. 


You can create knobs in the submarine by covering the fort with paper and then popping LED lights through at specific points. You can then draw knobs around these lights for the submarine controls. What other fun ideas can your kids come up with for their submarine?

indoor fort building ideas

2. Celebrate Spring with A Planting Shed Fort


For most of us, spring signals a new life. You can get your kids excited for spring by turning your fort into a potting shed. Make sure you build it over a tarp to catch all the lost potting soil. Set up tables inside so that you have a place to work.

You can get something special to grow your seeds in or just simply plant them in some paper cups. After you’re done planting, place the seeds on your windowsill to help them sprout. After any danger of frost has passed, you can build another fort in the yard to be your resting spot as you spend the day gardening and planting your new plants!

indoor fort building ideas

3. Take Your Treehouse Ideas Indoors with A Playhouse Fort

A treehouse is a quintessential part of childhood. It’s a place where kids can start pretend playing and preparing for adulthood with a place they call their own. It’s a place they can go to get some quiet or to be alone and read a book. It’s also a place where they can host neighborhood clubs.

Just because it’s cold or raining outside doesn’t mean your kids can’t still enjoy this part of childhood. You can help them build a treehouse right in your living room. Move some of the furniture around so they can build it in a corner and have a place to go when they want. You can even encourage them to start a book club with some of the neighbor kids to keep them more entertained indoors.  

4. Inspire Your Damsels and Knights with A Castle Fort

Is there anything that is more magical and enchanting to a child than a castle? Your kids will play knights and dragons for hours. When they tire of that, they can come up with a new game such as rescuing the damsel in distress or protecting their fortress from invaders. 

This fort will inspire their creativity as they build it and then inspire them even more as they enjoy it and come up with games to play in it. An essential part of childhood is to pretend play and a castle fort is a perfect way to get their imaginary play flowing. 

indoor fort building ideas

5. Get their Energy Out with an Obstacle Course Fort

If your kids have a lot of pent up energy because they have been stuck indoors for weeks, then an indoor obstacle course is a great way to help them burn it off. A popular feature of our fort building kits is that the building possibilities are endless. You can either map out an obstacle course on paper and then build it or just design it as you go.

Some fun things to include in your obstacle course include tunnels, upright sticks that they run in between, and crossbars that they have to crawl under. You can incorporate some outside things into your obstacle course such as a small trampoline or large, foam blocks. You can also make it more fun by making it a competition to see who can complete the course the fastest.

indoor fort building ideas

6. Practice Your Manners with A Tea Party Fort

Everything is more fun with a fort. What can be more fun than a tea party in your fort? You can even make it an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party by creating some decorations ahead of time. A good design for a tea party is the Playhouse fort because it is roomy enough for everyone to attend your tea party.

You can either set up a table inside or have everyone sit around on pillows and blankets. One of our favorite things to do during a tea party is to have someone read aloud from the current book we’re working on. Another option is to play a book on audio while you enjoy your tea party. Make sure you practice your manners during the tea party and using polite phrases as well as polite manners such as chewing with your mouth closed, etc.

indoor fort building ideas

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