How to Build an Indoor Fort Kids Feel Proud Of

Posted March 9, 2016 by Fort Magic

Kids love taking part in activities that they can help plan. Fort building is one such activity that is not only fun but helps build their self-esteem as well. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to foster positive self-esteem in your kids. Take a look at how to build an indoor fort your kids will feel proud of and will never want to leave.


Indoor Fort Ideas For Kids


The fun starts with Fort Magic sticks and connector pieces that are designed to make kids forts. Turn the decision-making over to your kids. Let them decide what the fort dimensions will be and make other decisions such as how many doors and windows there will be or if the fort will feature a secret entrance or hidden tunnel. Provide suggestions if you feel that your kids are having a hard time deciding what to include. For the most part, though, stand back and let them have complete control over the building process. They will build a fort based on whatever they can imagine!


Indoor Fort Ideas 1

Indoor Fort Ideas 2


Now comes the time to create the exterior walls of the fort. For this, use a set of old bed sheets and some fabric markers. Challenge your kids to write positive words that describe themselves and other family members. They can also write down things that they are proud of about themselves. They can draw pictures if they are not old enough to write words, or draw images to accompany their words.


Indoor Fort Ideas 3


Let the theme of being positive continue as you start working on the interior walls. Switch places with your children and then you can become the one who writes positive things on the walls. You can use a word or a series of words to describe a time when you were proud of your child. Talk about what took place in that situation that made you proud. As you talk, the kids can draw pictures to go along with your story. They can add their favorite toys and any stuffed animals that they value to the fort. These special touches will make them feel proud of having a say in how the fort was built.


Indoor Fort Ideas 4

Indoor Fort Ideas 5


Throughout the fort building process, compliment your kids on the choices they made during this fun family activity. Provide encouragement when you see them struggling. Do not be surprised if you find the kids inside reading your positive words about them with huge smiles on their faces later. Part of being proud of what they create comes from knowing their parents are proud of them as well. Great fort ideas begin with a positive attitude!


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