Inspire Kids Creativity & Design With Playhouse Forts

Posted March 13, 2020 by Fort Magic

Creating forts with Fort Magic can inspire a love of the STEM fields in kids. Giving your kids a fort building kit is an easy way to get them in the creative mindset and get them designing and building. Here are some of the ways you can foster creativity in your kids with playhouse forts.

Playhouse Forts

How to Inspire Creativity in Kids

Most people think that creativity is something you’re born with. However, everyone is creative to some degree and it’s something you can learn. When you use the creative parts of your brain, you strengthen those pathways. The more creative you are, the easier it becomes. 

1. Provide the Tools

The only thing kids need to be creative is a few open-ended objects or toys and time. You can give your kids a fort building kit and a corner of your family room and they can spend hours being creative. It’s also important that instead of trying to entertain your kids or have them fill their time with going places, that you just allow them to be bored. 

2. Make A Creative Atmosphere

A creative atmosphere is one in which kids are self-directed. Supply the tools they need and then step back. You can also help brainstorm with your kids by coming up with some ideas but then leave the work to them. Your brainstorming session will get them in the creative mode. 

Another important component of this is that you celebrate everything they create. It’s not about the end results or whether or not it was successful. It’s more about the process of getting to the end result. You can also help foster a creative atmosphere by hanging their artwork up in your home.Playhouse Forts

3. Give them Freedom

If you don’t like messes, then designate a space where they can create without interference. Maybe they can have the closet under the stairs or a space in the basement. It’s also important to resist the urge to step in and take over when they start struggling. An important part of the creative process is the ability to make their own mistakes and then figure it out on their own. 

4. Encourage Your Kids

A creative environment needs lots of encouragement. Praise them for any work they do. Help them to feel proud of their work. A great way to do this is to display their work in a special place, especially where visitors can see it. This encouragement will give them the confidence boost they need to keep trying out new ideas. 

Playhouse Forts

Create Playhouse Forts of their Dreams

One of the most loved features of Fort Magic is how versatile it is. You can create nearly anything your imagination can come up with. Your kids can create the playhouse of their dreams in their playroom or bedroom.

1. Add Your Own Elements

If your kids are into knights and princesses, then your playhouse forts can be a castle. If they are into all things girly then you can create a quaint cottage playhouse with flowers on the windowsills. If they are all about space then their playhouse can be a rocketship. Or, you can create a basic design and then fill it with all the things they love.

You can also leave the front of the playhouse open so that it spills over into the rest of their room or play area. You can add tunnels or a balcony or even a skylight. You can even use tunnels to connect two playhouses together to make it even more fun! 

Playhouse Forts

What Can They Use Their Playhouse Forts For?

After you’re done setting up the playhouse of their dreams then you can set up their kitchen inside so they can play restaurant. You can set up a grocery station so they can go shopping or even set up a few stations inside such as a reading area and an art area. 

They can also use their playhouse forts as their neighborhood clubhouse. The best part of their playhouse is that it’s all their own space to do whatever they want with. What other ideas can they come up with?

Playhouse Forts

Ignite an Interest in the STEM Fields

Building with Fort Magic ignites a love for learning and exposes kids to STEM skills. This is especially important to get girls excited about STEM fields. Thanks to creative STEM tools, more and more girls are entering STEM fields in the workplace. Fort building helps them see that STEM isn’t just all about math. There’s a lot of creativity that can go into engineering, for example.

This will also help empower them to be more confident as they grow into adulthood. The praise, support, and encouragement they get as kids when they’re encouraged to create will follow them into the workplace. They will grow into confident, successful young women who aren’t afraid to try new things.

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