STEM Fort Building Inspires Young Female Engineers

Posted June 18, 2023 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic fort building kits are fun for all ages and are used to teach STEM learning to both boys and girls. STEM is a buzzword in the educational field you may have heard lately. It stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM skills help your children become creators, innovators, thinkers, and problem solvers. It helps with higher learning, and it can flourish and develop at a young age with the help of Fort Magic. Let’s help inspire young female engineers in your family!

female engineers

Female Engineers

When you think of engineers you probably think most of the jobs are held by men. You are correct. The need for female engineers is fastly growing, and currently, only about 22% of engineers are females. Encouraging your daughter to develop her STEM learning skills can help her pursue future schooling in an engineering degree.

Your daughter may be the next Lillian Gilbreth, Grace Hooper, or Ellen Swallow Richards. If you are not familiar with these names, have your daughter look them up. These ladies are historical engineers who were amazing and paved the way for future women in their field. Although at times, women can tend to be overlooked and unrecognized, it is time to let them shine and show them they have the power to do great things. Encourage your daughter to let her courage, creativity, perseverance, and achievements shine with a study in engineering.

female engineers

Forts and STEM Skills

It is never too early to help teach and build your children’s STEM skills, and fort building is a great way to do it. While the kids are having fun building forts, they are discovering the world of science, technology, engineering, and math. Fort building gives them great hands-on experience to focus on these skills.

This can include drawing out the fort on paper, being creative with the design, building the fort, calculating how many pieces you will need and what pieces you will need. Also, problem-solving if the design doesn’t work and independent working. All of these skills are essential with any future career your daughter may have but especially useful for female engineers.

female engineers

Fort Designs

Getting your little girl excited about fort building and engineering is easy with our Fort Magic fort building kit. Engineers are problem solvers. They can take a problem and calculate and imagine the possibilities and accomplish a solution. Your little one can do the same thing.

When they are building a fort, ask them some basic problem-solving questions such as what they will need to build a fort, where to build it, how many pieces they need to finish the project? Then let them use their independent thinking to answer the questions and design the fort of their choice.

female engineers

1. Playhouse

One of the easier forts is a small playhouse. They can start by designing the house on paper and deciding what pieces and covers they will use. Then have them map out a location and get to building the fort.

Did she choose the right location and enough pieces a big enough cover for the fort? As she builds, she will have to use her thinking skills and problem-solving skills to make sure all the pieces work together. When her house is done, she can play with a few dolls or have a fun tea party with friends. Reaping the rewards of her actions is part of the fun.

female engineers

2. Horse and Carriage

Looking for another fun fort for girls? What about a horse and carriage for their favorite princess! This one may be a little more complex, but we have faith she can do it.

Have her pull out the manual that comes with the Fort Magic fort building kit and use this to help her. She can calculate how many pieces she will need and the best place to build the fort. Have her change the shape as needed and make it bigger or smaller depending on her wishes.

Adding covers to the fort is the fun part. Old pink and purple curtains can help! She may even want to use paper and draw the design herself. After the fort is complete, she can dress in her favorite princess dress and enjoy her fort with her favorite prince charming.

female engineers

Bringing the Family Closer

Engineering brings inventions to life, just like what your daughter is doing with her fort building. Building forts is a great way to plan and work towards a bigger goal while having fun and learning at the same time. When creating the designs, make sure to keep the kids engaged and tell them how proud you are of their work. This can help build their confidence and give them a push. You will see them get excited and their skills flourish the more they build.

female engineers

STEM skill development is vital for both boys and girls no matter what career path they choose when they get older. Fort Magic’s fort building kits help build this foundation from an early age by making learning fun and exciting. If they can imagine it, they can build it and they can enjoy it!

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female engineers

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